Selling Most People-Chow Ingredients


Hey Gang,

I’m selling a few weeks’ worth of most People Chow ingredients. I’ve moved back to part-time Soylent 1.1 and my pile of ingredients needs to get eaten. The retail value of the unopened items is $180, and I’m willing to throw in the opened (but still good) items for free, AND ship for free. Price I’m asking is $140 and I’m in the SF Bay Area if you want to just pick 'em up. Bitcoin preferred but Paypal and Google Wallet are also fine.

Here’s what I’m offering:


  1. 1 x 2200g Maseca brand Masa Harina
  2. 8 x 620g Rob’s Red Mill brand Oat Flour
  3. 3 x 340g Spectrum Essentials Decadent Blend Chia & Flax Seed (for fiber)
  4. 2 x NOW FOODS Calcium & Magnesium 227g powder
  5. Mega Men brand SPORT Chocolate 1080g powder
  6. BULK SUPPLEMENTS brand Potassium Citrate 250g


  1. Live Long brand Choline Bitartrate >350g remaining of 500g container

These items were all bought within the last 60 days, sold as-is in their original packaging. The choline I can vouch for; it worked for me. :smile: You can PM me directly if you’re interested!