Selling People Chow Ingredients - SF Bay Area


I made one batch of People Chow 3.0.1 but hated the texture. I am trying to sell the ingredients to someone in SF bay area. I can possibly deliver them to you. Please pm me for details. I have:

3 unopened 4.4lb/2kg bags of gluten free MASECA instant corn masa flour
2 unopened 4.84lb/2.2kg bags of MASECA instant corn masa flour

For the following I used an amount necessary for one day’s worth of People Chow, but they are basically full.
5lb/2268g Now Sports Whey Protein Isolate Unflavored
2.37lb/1080g GNC Mega Men Sport Vanilla Bean
500g Choline Bitartrate from
8oz/227g Now Foods Calcium & Magnesium


@timetobepro stick with it. You do get used to the texture and taste after awhile. Do you let it soak over night? If I lived up there I would take the ingredients off your hands.


Yes, I searched the forums and tried different techniques to improve the taste/texture. I have the official soylent and make Hackerschool soylent on my own and like those a lot better so I don’t want to invest more time into People Chow.