Selling Soylent Discs?


Here me out here:
I know that it is unrealistic to have Soylent in pill form, but what if it was sold in puck form? I know that they sell garden starter kits in small pucks of dirt, and you add water, and a few minutes later, you have a 10x increase in volume.
What if Soylent was sold in pucks of a few hundred calories each, and the correct number of pucks was added to the right amount of water, and in a few minutes, you have Soylent.
Bonus points if the pucks didn’t produce crumbs or powder until dissolved, and even more if they could be cut cleanly into subsections.


Here we go- something like this, except good for people instead of plants-


Like a hockey puck?

We could have green ones for Soylent Green.


A Soylent disc.
Also that’s more turquoise than green.


Sorry, it was all I could find on short notice via an image search.

Here is a green disc for you:


Much better :smile:
By the way, is there a way to change the title to have a strikethrough so it is
Selling Soylent Pucks Discs?


Food you can really play with!


I got it!
Soylent®™ Hyper©® Discs™© 2.0℠

In all reality though, what is the feasibility of this?


I think Soylent “protein bars” would be much closer. I think adding water would just be a huge mess. Let’s play with some numbers. I have no idea of the sizes that would make sense so I will just make a WAG (Wild Ass Guess). If each protein bar had 200 calories then you would have eat 10 a day for a 2000 calorie diet. This would also be very easy to scale up or down to whatever you want for a calorie target. If each one costs $1 then you would be at the $10 a day that Soylent currently costs. If this could be done correctly then I would stop with the liquid diet. :smile:


I was thinking more along the lines of:
You are moderately hungry, so you want a 500 calorie meal. You grab 5 Soylent cubes/discs/whatever, since each is 100 calories (or something like that). They don’t spill everywhere, and you put them in a bottle/pitcher/glass without having to clean up powder later. You add water, and after a few seconds of stirring/shaking/blending you have your meal.


When we (can’t remember who) suggested that Rosa Labs package a weeks worth instead of a days worth, they responded that some of the nutrients degraded once air hit them. I guess you can package them in a bag kind of like individual brownies. That’s probably as good as you will get. I believe people also talked about packaging smaller sizes like this and having the packaging dissolve in water. I’m not sure that would work well.

In any case, there are a lot of really cool things they can do…


Meanwhile you can try other makers. MealSquares, at 400 calories a cake, are available in open beta. Then I was going to mention Uber Cookies, which I tried and liked, but the maker seems to have stopped offering them.


Soylent cubes or tetrahedrons would probably be better though. The surface area to volume ratio would make for faster dissolving. However, with tetrahedrons we might have problems with the points breaking off too easily.

Maybe Soylent pellets would be better.


Mealsquares is a very interesting concept. I wouldn’t mind supplementing it with soylent just to have some variety. I really like that the whole fast healthy food industry has suddenly caught alight in the past couple of years. :smiley: