Selling Soylent


Hey I am selling a month of Soylent for what I bought it for (255) plus shipping if anyone is interested. I am on a low carb diet and can’t use it right now or for a while. I will be ordering more eventually but I don’t want it just sitting in my house taking up space and I’m not sure when I will need it again yet.


Sending you a PM on this


I would like to buy it, or a portion thereof.


I would like to buy one weeks worth from you.


Okay, I’m a dummy and didn’t expect a response on here so quickly. I had previously put the Soylent on Ebay and didn’t end up having time to take it off before I got home because my phone died. In that time someone had bid on it, so I can’t move that now. I do still have a week and two days with oil, but I offered that to cja42 first if he wants it. So I’ll keep you updated. Also that’s the Ebay link if you want to bid, but I don’t want to jack up the price. I only set it up for a bid because everyone is charging ridiculous amounts and I wanted to give people an actual chance to get it. Sorry for being so short-sighted when I posted this. :frowning:


People really want the stuff; and months of Soylent have tended to go for about $500 or a bit more on eBay (a 100% premium–of course it’s also not cheap shipping a 40-pound parcel).


I will buy the whole thing.


I didn’t realize so many people were still waiting so when I didn’t get a response most of day on EBay I just figured I wouldn’t get one at all. Sorry for the confusion. However the one week will most likely still be available.


Isn’t it great they are selling to reorders before other people.

Wouldn’t want to hurt the ebay market.


I think it sucks too. I should have put it on here first but I didn’t think about it until later. I just wanted to make my money back.


Honestly, go look on eBay. It’s a very tiny amount that’s been put up for sale there compared to what’s been shipped, and the amounts available if anything have gone down over the weeks (while the amounts of DIY being sold on eBay are increasing). The amount that’s put up could plausibly just represent backers who tried it and didn’t like it (or didn’t like it as much as their own DIY), it’s that little.

Which is why the prices are so high for what is sold.

It’s not making a statistically significant difference in Soylent fulfillment.