Semen-like Juice On Ebay? Really Metro?


I’m seeing more and more Soylent on Ebay. It’s kind of clear now the people who ordered 4 months or more and why they did … I kind of thought this would happen with the way shipping and the general community has been …


that may not be the reason they ordered…but once they realized they could make 6X their money…they decided to unload some…I REALLY want my soylent…but if i could sell a months worth and buy a new drumset…sure would be a tempting idea.


these opportunities to be on the right side of a supply/demand issue don’t come along often…gotta capitalize.


LOL :slight_smile: I hear ya @VadimGod :slight_smile:


on the other side of this…DIY soylent makers are offering soylent for sale at im guessing more reasonable prices if anyone is interested


I´m spaniard and I don´t know if I can´t understand exactly the meaning…“semen-like juice”?..


when mixed…soylent kinda looks like sperm…the stuff that comes out of your peepee hole to make babies…i think you are reading it just fine


@vanclute How do you like your picture next to THAT headline??? bwahahaha


Yes, that would be correct. :stuck_out_tongue: Feel free to PM me (@axcho) or @isaackotlicky if you want some…


@isaackotlicky do you have your DIY recipe somewhere?


LOL I really hadn’t thought about it frankly till now, so thanks for that. :wink:

I’m just glad Soylent is getting talked about. New things frequently result in knee-jerk fear-based reactions, and it would be far worse if there was absolutely no coverage or discussion about Soylent at all, anywhere.

I remember in the 90s when I got my first cell phone, most people were pretty freaked out by them too for a whole host of reasons. And in fact some still are, but most of the world came 'round and embraced them once they saw the clear advantages. I anticipate Soylent being similar in that regard.


while true… not sure if i want my internet history going in the books with THAT headline next to my picture…


Just ribbing ya buddy!


So it seems pretty evident that they watched maybe one video, read Rob’s tweet, and skimmed over that one old troll thread from months back, to put together “branded as semen by social media, this guy thinks it has a less than ideal taste, and the inventor is gleeful about selling it on ebay”

Good job, journalism. Good job. :laughing:


LOL I can think of worse things. =D Heck I was part of a “reality show” a few years back focused on my area of business (affiliate marketing). I had certain expectations about what the results would be, and let’s just say… they were a tad on the disappointing end of the scale. Plenty of folks on teh interwebz had some pretty horrible shit to say about me back then, and that was actually other people in my industry. This is just random internet wackos (hey wait aren’t I one of those too??) so… whatever. People are funny critters.

Yeah that was kinda my thoughts as well. It was actually Rob who brought it to my attention, and he even said “not the best media outlet but…”

Any publicity is good publicity! As long as, you know, nobody dies.


My DIY is [here][1] and is designed primarily to be a low carb, flavor neutral base for baking. I have no problems working on recipes to fit any particular dietary profile or flavor needs, though if you’re looking for an actualy shake it might be best to go with @axcho or one of the other DIYers


Thanks for the recipe link. I’m definitely interested in it. I actually put xylitol in everything especially my coffee :slight_smile:


As a Brit, I feel I need to apologise for the headline and the stupid article.


Thanks, apology on behalf of your nation accepted. :wink:


Is there a web-based “directory” of DIY soylent makers offering soylent for sale?


Well… There’s this forum…

We could setup a topic with a list of people who have offered and are offering DIY soylent (and similar) products and links to their recipes, forum names, and/or websites. It shouldn’t be too hard.