Sensational, but it's a burning sensation

Day 5 of Soylent only and everything is good except one, very noticeable thing. When I have, what I guess you could call a bowel movement, it’s like Soylent is made from ghost peppers. I cry, I sweat, I hear Johnny Cash singing “Burning Ring of Fire”. It’s horrible.

It burns. I mean… bad. I hope this goes away soon because I don’t know how much longer I can take it. Vitamin A&D ointment has helped a bit, but not enough.

Am I alone in this?

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Yowza… definitely no similar experience here! =( Are you 100% Soylent? Also is this official or DIY?

100% Official Soylent and nothing else but water for the last 5 days.

Hopefully someone else with a better general knowledge of physiology etc. can chime in, but until then…

Was your diet before maybe particularly low in fiber? Just thinking that perhaps the sudden addition of a “proper” amount, might be causing you such discomfort?

Oh my diet was terrible and I’m sure I was not getting anywhere near the amount of fiber I should have.
I suppose it could be the introduction of a healthy amount of fiber but I’m barely having bowel movements at this point. I would assume (lol) that the passage of said fiber would be the culprit, but I’m barely passing anything.

How were things over the weekend?

More or less the same, however I am beginning to think that it is due to the increased fiber, which I hardly consumed at all prior to Soylent.
I think it’s causing trouble down there because fiber is a big bully and that part of my body is all wimpy from lack of proper treatment. Currently it’s a pretty abusive relationship, but unlike interactions such as these with people, my body is likely to benefit from the situation and everything will hopefully come out good in the end…,


I see what you did there!


You might want to consider a laxative for the moment, while your body gets used to having fibre. Straining over a long period of time can lead to haemorrhoids, I believe.

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That reminds of the time I read that bran is good for you. I bought me a box of the real bran cereal (no sugar or other amenities) and had me a full bowl of the stuff. I paid for that for the next several days.

If you don’t want to take a laxative, you might try prunes (about five or six). I also find when things down there are torture sessions that a couple of Pepcid tables (the ones that treat diarrhea) can slow things down to a point where I can cope.

My sympathies.


Thanks for all the advice. I can’t (well, I guess won’t) do prunes as I’m doing 100% Soylent ATM.

Since all of my cards are on the table here, I will also mention (in the least graphic way I can muster) that my biological packages are not terribly solid, thus even a small amount of laxative would likely render them to a liquid state. I do not know if that would be in any way beneficial.
I’m talking Type 6 to Type 5 on the Bristol scale. They are not difficult to pass as far as effort goes, they are difficult to pass because the exit feels as if it has passed nothing but steel wool for most of its life. I do not look forward to those times of the day.

On the plus side, all other functions are better than ever. I’ve lost 9 pounds in 7 days without any increase in exercise (0+0 = 0) and I’m feeling pretty good.

Burning? Hm, no burning here from me or the bf.

My poop is a light tan color. Soft, but still solid. Sinks at first, then floats in a strange way. I don’t have a lot of poop, but I need to poop more often. I really enjoy Soylent, but I miss the satisfaction of dropping a really satisfying solid firm deuce. ;(


Going 100% Soylent for a few days has also caused me burning, pain, etc. I’ve experienced this both with official Soylent and DIY soylent. The symptoms point to hemorrhoids (check out Wikipedia, WebMD, etc). I’m not sure what would be causing this since everything I’ve read leads to a dead-end (make sure you’re getting enough fiber, water, etc). I’ve been meaning to go down the list of Soylent ingredients to see if a sudden increase in one of them could cause this but haven’t had enough time.

The discomfort goes away if I limit Soylent to 1 or 2 meals per day, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple weeks. Hopefully my body just needed a chance to adjust. Either this week or next week I’ll go back to 100% Soylent for a few days–hopefully without problems this time.

Ok I have noticed that it is a bit rough coming out, similar to passing sand. I think the fiber must be about 150 grit size because I can definitely notice it. As long as it doesn’t progressively get more painful, it’s bearable to me. But I can see if it’s already raw, it would be uncomfortable.

Same issues here as well. Started probiotics a few days ago and will be adding psyllium husk to hopefully solidify things. Also hoping these will help with the gas issues as well. Nothing like mustard gas combined with napalm shits . . .

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If you haven’t used psyllium husk before, note that it gels up significantly (like Jell-O). You might want to add it right before consumption so it’s not a thick sludge when you try to drink it.

Interesting. I’ve been reading people use it as the main fiber source in their DIY and as such had planned to add it directly when I make my daily batch. I’ll have to experiment a bit then and see what it does. Thanks for the tip.

16 days in and the issue persists, though as mentioned above, I am leaning toward hemorrhoids as the culprit. Sometimes an alarming amount of blood when I clean up, not in the stool, but on the paper.
Looks like a visit to the doctor is in order.

But hey, 13 pounds down.

[quote=“Protagonist, post:11, topic:13995, full:true”]They are not difficult to pass as far as effort goes, they are difficult to pass because the exit feels as if it has passed nothing but steel wool for most of its life.

Might be anal fissure, then - that is treatable, and not particularly threatening (despite its extremely scary name). You’re right to want to see a doctor.

I would like to mention that activated charcoal will absorb all of the nutrients that Soylent is giving you, so only take it temporarily and try to use it 2 hours before or after your meal