Sensitivity to light changes?


I’ve been sitting on this observation for a couple weeks now because it just seemed a little crazy to attribute to Soylent, but I’m now so certain of it that I just have to see if there could be a connection.

My eyes now adjust SO much faster to light changes. It’s extremely obvious to me… pre-Soylent I would come into my office after waking up and turn on my monitors (I have 3) and I’d be squinting and unable to fully open my eyes for at least several minutes. Many times I actually wore sunglasses just so I could handle it. And going outside in sunlight? Oh man… not without shades or basically peeking through my eyelashes.

This is completely gone now. I get up (earlier than normal now and therefore darker than normal too) and walk into my office, turn on the screens and… nothing. I barely even register that it’s bright. My eyes are just adjusted and all is well. I can go outside into bright direct early morning sun, without any hesitation. No sunglasses, no squinting, no shielding my eyes.

What in the world is going on here? I know a little bit about how the rods in the eyes work and all that stuff (+1 for the Mythbusters pirate patch episode! LOL) but never would I have imagined that Soylent would have anything at all to do with this. But this has been absolutely consistent for weeks. In fact really since just after starting with Soylent, though I didn’t really realize it for a couple weeks as I was distracted by all the other benefits I was experiencing already.

Could getting on such a balanced nutrition schedule really cause a difference in the speed of adjustment to light of one’s eyes?? Seems a bit crazy to me but, I can’t figure out any other explanation. If anything, this time of year is far worse for my eyes in terms of light since it’s SO bright so early in summer.


Based on a quick search, it looks like it might be a benefit of the vitamin A and Zinc in Soylent.


Vitamin A

Eye benefits of vitamin A: May protect against night blindness and dry eyes.


Eye benefits of zinc: Helps vitamin A reduce the risk of night blindness; may play a role in reducing risk of advanced AMD.


Ah yes good ol’ vitamin A… forgot about that one! So maybe I’m not entirely crazy. LOL

In fact now that I think of it, my eyes have been less tired overall in the last month. Very much so. And I did occasionally get dry eyes since I got LASIK surgery a couple years ago, haven’t had that at all recently though that’s somewhat infrequent anyway. Most interesting.


In general, if you have been suffering from negative effects from a deficiency in your diet, then soylent will correct the issue and you will see a large improvement in that aspect of your life.


@vanclute I remember having this severe light sensitivity from time to time as a teenager, where I couldn’t open my eyes outdoors, basically having to squint and it was uncomfortable to painful. I also used to get severe muscle cramps. As I studied nutrition in my adulthood, I realize both of these conditions were signs of a deficiency and easily correctable through proper nutrition. So you definitely aren’t crazy, it just suggests your former diet pre-Soylent was deficient and so it is now corrected with better nutrition that Soylent brings. Just imagine all of the other things that are going on in the body you may not even be consciously aware that are improving. That’s what’s I like about the idea of complete nutrition, all the cells and systems of the body should all start functioning better.


Yep, it all makes sense. It’s just so strange to have things that you (and everyone else really) have accepted as totally normal your entire life, just VANISH overnight. Pretty wild… but really cool!