Separate oils - a suggestion for savings and simplification


Firstly, forgive me if my information is incorrect, out of date, etc.

I have seen a few recent “early acquisitions” of Soylent via blogs from testers. It seems the current plan for being able to incorporate the oils with the powder is to ship them in separate packaging. In fact, one of the examples I saw, was a bag of powder, a small bottle of grape seed oil and fish oil pills.

If this is the current go ahead plan, then I have this suggestion;
Fish oil is very easy to obtain, as is quality grape seed oil. How about giving the customer the option to obtain their own oils and buy only the power from the good people at Soylent.

This would allow for lower costs for Soylent, easier shipping and a potential savings for those that go with this option.


But the grape seed oil and fish oil pills would likely be cheaper getting them with your soylent because they would be buying that in bulk to.


From what I’ve seen, Soylent will be shipped with two components: The powder, and a vial of an oil blend that contains all of the necessary stuff. (Omega 3+6, etc.)