Separating Carbohydrates and Fiber


When entering nutrition information for a recipe ingredient - if a particular ingredients nutritional profile includes fiber within the total carb count, but then gives separate numbers for sugars and fiber, how do I enter that? Do I use the whole number for carbs, and then the separate number for fiber?


To my understanding, you should subtract insoluble and dietary fiber from the carbohydrate count given on the nutritional info list.

If something has higher than 5g of fiber per serving, then it should also have that removed from the carbohydrate count as well.

Can anyone else confirm?


When they recommend 300g of carbs I think they mean digestible carbs because:

65g Fat * 9 calories = 585
50g Protein * 4 calories = 200
300g Carbs * 4 calories = 1200

585 + 200 + 1200 = 1985

Or approximately 2000 calories, the daily intake they base their recommendations on.

So yes I think they intend for you to subtract fiber from the total carbs.