Separation of nutrients by carbohydrates, proteins, oils, and vitamins/minerals?


So, let’s say Soylent is sold in packages, or whatever.

  • Carbohydrates and proteins take much more space than vitamins and minerals.
  • Oils can’t be mixed with the powdery mixture
  • Some vitamins/minerals block the absorption of other vitamin/minerals

So, I was thinking that minerals and vitamins should be sold in smaller packages (or even in soluble pills form) and carbohydrates and proteins in other bigger packages. And oils in another bottle? Or maybe just tell the people that they need to add X amount of oil along with the water.

Also, I was thinking that the minerals and vitamins should also be subdivided in “morning” and “evening”, to separate the minerals/proteins that block absorption of other minerals/proteins.

This would also allow people to cut carbohydrates or proteins if they are planning to eat analogic food.


The ideal solution, I think, will always be a powder and you just add water. The more steps needed to use the product, the less appealing it is. Hopefully the issue of nutrients interacting with each other can be solved. Even if you have to add water and and oil for fat, it would be fine.


The more separate packages it has, the easier it is for someone to overdose on something and die.

I think everything (except oil and water obviously) should be in one pack, and pack sizes should be no bigger than 1 day - ideally even just one serving (I hate that word). To make sure the lighter stuff in the mix doesn’t go up and the heavier stuff going down, in a one week package leading to a person gettin nothing but (for example) protein and carbs for 6 days, and then all the vitamins on day 7. Which would be pretty dangerous.

The one thing that can be made variable safely I suppose is the amount of carbs given, in whatever form. This should be a relatively low amount (if the required value for maintenance of the average consumer is worth 2k kcal, 1.6k for example could be included) - to allow easy adaption to weight loss, maintenance or gain by just adding more of whatever carbs are used. Not much that can go wrong there as long as the base amount isn’t TOO low.


I don’t see separation being an issue over just one day’s worth. I hate the idea of getting out the blender every single time I want Soylent, instead of just blending up a day’s worth in the morning.


Ben I am having trouble getting an emulsifier. I was also confused about its exact benefits so I was wondering if you can help clarify:

  1. Currently the oats settle at the bottom. I know you are not using oats on your mix but is the emulsifier meant to stop that from happening?
  2. Will it impact taste?
  3. Is it meant mainly to ensure that the olive oil binds well?