Server Error - Card charged twice



Just donated $65, however during the checkout process something has gone wrong, I was presented with the really useful error message “Server Error” and upon looking at my statement two amounts for $67 have been charged to my card? Can you please tell me what is going on? Also is there a better way to contact someone than the project discussion board?



Could one of them just be an authorization charge (which will go away in a few hours or days, depending on your bank)?

And yes, email :slight_smile:


I received a similar error after attempting to order 1 month of Soylent, my card was charged 4 times after receiving a server error. Please help in clearing this up as I only wish to order 1 months worth not 4.

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Same thing happened to me.


O well if it is a still only a single charge to my account I am fine with that.

However, with the server error, should I be worried if it will acknowledge that I contributed? I have not received any kind of confirmation email as of yet.


I also got a server error, tried again, and now I have 4 Authorization Holds. Fine, holds don’t freak me out. But was my order processed or not? Did I get entered in the contributor DB?


I also attempted to donate 65$, but received a server error and was charged 4 times. Please correct this error quickly. I am very much not happy about losing almost 200$.


Ok, now that I’ve had a moment to chill out, allow me to clarify. Like the above posters, I received a server error, which prompted me to try a second time, which also resulted in a server error. I have now submitted the form twice, been charged 4 times, but I only wish to order a single weeks worth of Soylent. I have also not received any kind of confirmation that my contribution was registered.


Please note: The Authorization hold was only a guess I made, based on my work experience with credit card payments.

I am not working (sadly :P) for the Soylent Corporation, and I might be wrong. Please make sure it is indeed just an authorization hold, and if you are not sure, do email them as suggested.


I had the same thing happen to me, I had 4 pending charges of $65. But I’ve just checked again after a few hours and I also have 3 pending credits of $65, so I assume that means that they know there’s a problem and are trying to make sure people are only charged once.


Likewise, mine has been charged four times. What to do?


I had the same issue as everyone else here. There are still four $65 holds on my account. How was this issue resolved? Was I entered into the database as a contributor? Should I pay again? Will the holds be removed?


hey guys, we did have an brief issue with our payment system last week, causing these multiple charges. so sorry for the inconvenience. all the extra holds have been released, but it takes 2-3 business days for the funds to be made available again. If anyone still sees the charges on their accounts by tues/wed of this week, please let me know at Thanks!


Note that in some countries (Ireland) today is a bank holiday.