Serving size of 1.1


Thank you for the Soylent . The ‘manual’ says a meal serving is one scoop. On the scoop it says “1/2 meal”.
So two questions

  1. For lunch, should i serve myself one scoop of Soylent 1.1 or two scoops?
  2. The manual also says 1 scoop of powder + 1.5tsp oil blend. Will this amount to 500 cal? What is the calorific value of this one scoop meal?

Thank you


I always make a full pitcher (=1 bag) of soylent at a time. Then it’s easy; a meal is ⅓ of the pitcher.


The instructions are kind of wonky at the moment. Its easiest to just make it in a pitcher, and pour your meals as necessary.

How many meals will you be having Soylent-ified?


I never make individual servings and if you reply to this suggestion by saying that you shouldn’t need to do so much work to figure out which measurement is accurate then I wouldn’t be able to disagree.

That said, I’d suggest getting a clean, dry container and try using the scoop to transfer the entire contents of the bag. The number of scoops required will tell you the serving size of the scoop.

I’m sure someone will come to the rescue before it comes to that :slight_smile:


Last numbers that I heard are that there are approximately 5 scoops and change worth of powder in the bag.


According to the nutrition info on the back of 1.0, there are about 160 calories of oil per serving which works out to 480 cals for the day. Since you’ll be using 1/5th of that, you’ve got 96 cals just in oil. That means that 1 scoop will amount to ~400 calories, plus the oil, which should put you actually fairly close to the advertised 500.

@sapsi hope that helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: It’s about 300 calories per scoop before the oil, NOT 400. So that puts you at 400 cals with the oil


@nwoll27 yes indeed it helps. That answers my question.
@livingparadox i’m going lunch only - once per day. So if i made a full pitcher i probably wont finish it within the 48 hr window.



If you’re doing lunch, and using the scoop, I’d try 2 scoops with about 4-3/4 teaspoons per serving (or a tablespoon plus a teaspoon). That’s as close to a normal serving as I can think of, using the scoop. Or if you want a light lunch, 1 scoop and a touch less than 2-1/2 teaspoons.



Just 2 cents:
If you are going to use it only for lunches and prepare in the morning of first day full pitcher. Soylent will be 4 hours old on the first lunch, 28 hours old on second day lunch, and 52 hours old on the third lunch.
Isn’t it more convenient to prepare once for 3 lunches, than bother with scooping, oil spooning, and staying in fridge each day?

It’s still recommended to give it some 4-6 hours (or more) to stay before consuming cold.


That’s a good point. You’ll be pushing it on the third day but it IS feasible. But it also depends on the size of your lunches, whether you’re looking for an entire third of the pitcher for lunch or if it’s just a holdover between breakfast and an early dinner.

For example, if sapsi’s calorie needs are lower than 2000, and perhaps there’s a somewhat large dinner most nights (“ideal” nutrition aside), you’ll be up against a calorie wall well before the 670-ish calories required to finish the pitcher in three servings.

Also! My math above was completely messed up; @sapsi: the calories per scoop is about 306, NOT 400. So you’ll be at about 400 per scoop with the oil.


Yes, i would much rather prepare one batch. but is says in the manual consume before 48 hrs. I guess 52 hrs over is not too bad.
It’;s my first time so some experimentation is in order.


I’ve had three day old solent before without any problems (made it around 10PM on day 1, drank the the last of it in the morning on day 4, so around 60 hours). It’s pretty obvious when it goes bad - the smell is awful.


Things of spoilage even before strong smell would be bacteria contamination and specific small bubbles of air next to the top.
So just make sure that it looks good on the top of untouched container, it smells good - you you good to go.

Some users practiced leaving Soylent in freezer for longer storage and still didn’t complain after many more than 2 days.


I don’t wash my pitcher daily, so I’m sure I end up with some amount of 4 day old mix in there (like solera style vinegar or whisky aging). I’ve not had any issues. The smell test seems valid enough to avoid food poisoning.


I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took a yeast colony to the tongue


@livingparadox Nickolas, you are live laboratory! :smile:

I can imagine dialog on the forum where two people arguing about danger of intake of 1g of some substance.
And couple of hours later you will come up with post: "Ha guys! I just tried 10g of this and it almost killed me :dizzy: :ambulance: , so don’t go over 2g :slight_smile: "

PS. Thanks for sharing openly your experiences. Much appreciated your enthusiasm and fearless desire to try.


XD I can definitely see myself saying something like that. I have an irrational like of fear, and I think it drives my fiance crazy. hahaha


Thankfully I haven’t had any issues of that nature. When I do wash it, I always use a sponge with soap and not just the swirl and shake method. But as I’m moving toward 90% DIY, I think I’ll try to wash it every other day. That’ll still keep within the 48 hour timeframe.


Thanks for the memeries