Shaker vs Blender? Best way to mix


I’d like to know the best (fastest, most consistent, easiest cleanup) way to mix soylent for when it arrives.

Is the shaker w/ insert fully sufficient to remove all clumps and get a consistent drink? Are the shakers dishwasher safe?

Does a countertop or immersion blender make the solution notably less viscous than the shaker?

The single serving ‘personal blenders’ where the jar you blend it in detaches for use as the cup is appealing, but a drink mixer (like the Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster) is even more so. We had one when I was a kid and it was a lot easier to clean than a blender. Anyone using something like that?


whatever you do, stick to glass and stainless steel equipment, they are easier to clean.

I use a standard motor-at-the-bottom-container-on-top 600w blender, it does really well. I blend all the ingredients 3 times in total as I make soylent. like this: water and oats go in, blend them. add all water soluble macros, blend, add micros, blend, add oily things, blend. And also remember to add lecithin along with all the oils, when I don’t, the oils seperate after a few minutes.

and so far I’ve reduced all the equipment to the absolute basics which (for me) are:

a small spoon,
a 90ml cup,
a blender,
two 700ml containers,
a big scale 1g-5kg,
a small scale 0.01g-100g.

thats all.


I’m using a hand blender to mix up a daily batch. I then keep it in the fridge till I’m ready to enjoy. I’ll pour into container with a lid, add some flavor enhancements and shake it up. If i don’t have a shaker, just stir.


To make the dry powder, I use giant bowls and an electric hand mixer.
Cleanup isn’t a problem since it’s dry.

Because I mix all the powders so much that the result looks like one single substance, there are no clumps. Clumps in my Soylent would usually have been formed by Maltodextrin (I don’t use oats) otherwise.

So, a normal shaker does the trick for mixing the powder with water and oil.


I use an immersion blender and a standard 2L juice jug. Measure everything (except oat bran) by weight into the jug with warm water, mix for ~10 seconds, portion into three containters, toss into fridge. Takes under 10 minutes if I’m being slow and lazy. It does come out a bit frothy but as I’m not consuming my soylent until the next day that isn’t an issue for me.