Shakes to Brownies


Okay, so I was the shakemeister for a while and absolutly loved it before I used psyllium because I could make up the shake the night before and sip it throughout the day, never feeling hunger, full, or anything but awesome.

Then I added the psyllium and I had to started making shakes on demand, which aren’t even REMOTELY as good as a well chilled psyllium free shake.

Then I was inspired by Mr Analog and starting making bonbons. Sorry, but there’s no looking back! I divide a day into 16 succulent morsels and eat one about every hour and I have the same feelings as the shakes but the satisfaction of a chewy delicious treat. I stopped rolling them and now just make brownies.

I have no clue what I’ll be consuming in another few months, but I’m excited to find out!


Are you baking them, or is it just a raw kind of thing? :smiley:
(Is there any issue with destroying…stuff via heat?)


All raw. The texture given my ingredients is actually very close to a baked brownie except maybe a bit chewier. It’s not as sweet as a brownie, which is my target. I don’t want them to grow old. They have a pretty complex taste given my ingredient list (now up to 22 items).


Would you mind posting your process of creation? Seems like a great idea!


Really simple to mix up. I made a double batch tonight.

I grind the vitamins and 1oz of dark chocolate in my Cuisinart and throw that it to a mixer with the rest of the ingredients. I save the liquids until the end. My ingredients are:

MSM Sulfur
Now Foods Potassium Gluconate
TrueNutrition Mixed Protein
Freeda Kosher Calcium Phosphate
Now Foods Carbo Gain - Maltodextrine
Nutiva Hempseed Oil
Olive Oil Mix
Bob’s Red Mill Oat Flour
Nature’s Way Alive Once Daily Men’s
Nature’s Way Choline
Garden of Life Beyond Fiber
NatureMade Magnesium 250mg
Peanut Butter
Brown Sugar
Real Salt
Non Fat Dry Milk
Coconut Oil
Flax Seed Meal
Waxy Maise Starch
Dark Chocolate

My mix has almost no cholesterol and pretty modest sodium (1.5G).

I mix it all up, kneed it, and break it into 4 equal portions. I divide each of those into another 4 cubes/bon bons. Store them in the fridge.

Right now I don’t have to add a single drop of water to get the right consistency.


I love it! BE, you’re a true Soylent adventurer. Whom would you prefer that I compare you to – Amerigo Vespucci, Balboa, or Ponce de Leon? Anywho, you’re one of them guy, discovering new hidden vistas of Soylent!

But meanwhile, @NCannavaro Nicole Cannavaro has stolen a march on all of us, done an end run she has, with her Maltodextrin Soylent Porridge! Read it and weep guys. Ima steal that idea. “Open Source”!


@J_Jeffrey_Bragg - You are absolutely more than flattering, and I thank you for your kindness.

Take the idea, ladies and gents, and improve away please! This is still what I eat for breakfast every morning, and I can’t wait to see what you will all turn it into.


I tried @bigepidemic’s idea with my almond flour mix. (I replaced almond flour with almond butter; I don’t know whether this was necessary.) It worked! In my case I needed to add water. The way I did it was I ran the mix in a mixer, and added 1tbsp of water at a time until I got the desired consistency. For me this took 6tbsp, or 90ml, of water. So in the future I’ll just add 90ml straight away. Haven’t yet figured out whether I like this way better; I may need to change my recipe to optimize for taste in this form. Thanks for the idea, BE!


Well I think your super porridge is absolutely brilliant; but then I’m a hot cereal fanatic. When you want to vary it up a little bit try some raisins. Hemp hearts are also fantastic, as are walnuts, sunflower seeds (as you have already discovered), dried cranberries… I could go on and on! I can also heartily recommend whole buckwheat and spelt flakes as beautiful complements to oatmeal.

I hope you and your super porridge do in fact enjoy many blissful years together!


I could kiss you. This solved… pretty much every problem I was having. Three big cheers for the bigepidemic!


I adore buckwheat and spelt and never thought of adding either! I thank you, good sir, and plan on many happy years of breakfasting ahead. Good luck to yourself as well.