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Hey guys we started a sample program for 2.0:


Is this for new customers only?
Cause i use 1.5, and wouldn’t mind trying 2.0

Edit: Nope, seems like new people only.

This is awesome for people that want to try one but not commit to a whole case. I am going to utilize it for a couple of people in my family at least. Thanks @Conor!


The link just takes me to “

Click “Log out” (on, not on discourse) and try again, or use a different browser.
If you are logged in to your account it will do that.

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Aaaaannnnnnnnnnd all 10,000 are gone. That was fast.



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Free is apparently the correct price if you want to get rid of a lot of something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any chance there will be samples in the future that aren’t free? I mean, free samples are awesome and all, but you obviously can’t offer that all the time if 10,000 disappear in 2 hours. A lot of new people are reluctant to try Soylent because they have to commit to buying a whole case, which can seem like a lot of money for something you might hate the taste of. If they could buy just 1 sachet of 1.5 or 1-3 bottles of 2.0 to try out, they’d be more likely to take the plunge. I myself refused to buy Soylent until after I had tried a sample from eBay. I would have stuck to 100%Food otherwise. I know you need to give Soylent a couple weeks to get a real feel for it, but that won’t happen if you can’t even get past the first serving because of the taste or texture.


Maybe a “primer” - single bottle order.

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Lots of good points and ones we have discussed. We did not know how popular it would be but as with anything we learned a lot. Your feedback is great, thank you!


I don’t think managing to give away 10,000 bottles of 2.0 is a time for celebration until someone takes a closer look.

I did not know that a give away was going on until I got home and pulled up discourse. Was there some kind of ad somewhere that was easily seen by many, many people? I didn’t see one.

  1. If the bottles went to people who’ve never tried 2.0 before … why haven’t they tried 2.0? Is this because out of all the advertising and discussion about it that they couldn’t decide to order some on their own? If this is the case, the marketing is all wrong. Plus, how did all these people know about this promotion?

  2. How many bottles were given to the same person? There is likely someone who’s going to be selling these “on the black market”. Face it, when some product is known about, and free samples are given, the opportunistic will see $$$ and get all they can. I think you should look at who/where these went to. If someone like this got a bunch of bottles, you wasted your promotion.

Your business model should be set already with an estimated percentage of new customers gained from this kind of a promotion. If you are lower in the number of new orders, then there is a marketing problem someone needs to understand.

I can’t answer your other two questions, but I can take a stab at this one.

It was first posted to reddit. From there, it was posted to some message boards and then spread like wildfire to the many giveaway (deal, coupon, free, etc.) sites. I don’t think this is necessarily surprising because they probably draw from similar databases of “free” or “deal” items, so once something is posted to one, it probably spreads across many.

Don’t believe me? Here are a few (yes, I could maybe do 10x this many) of the many sites that had it posted yesterday during the promotion:

The one advantage is that likely many of the people who were in on the promo had not ever heard of Soylent before and were just going for something free. How likely they are to order the product after they try it? I have no clue.

I know that I got one each for a couple of my family members who had never tried it, at least.


No wonder I didn’t know there was a promotion until I got home and came on Discourse. Those are all kinds of sites I would never be visiting. Anything is possible I guess, that many people could have went for the promotion. If I was in charge of the marketing I would still want a run-down of the addresses they went to though, 'cause that is an important way to discern a probable percentage of return investment.


Looks like this is the tag that comes with the free Soylent bottles.

(From this link.)


The instructions are missing the part where you drink it. Or are we just supposed to be enjoying the satisfaction of opening the bottles? Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time…