Share logins between discourse and the diy website


I’ve just noticed I’m always logged in to the discourse forum but when I go to I need to login in separate. Can you make it so that logging in to discourse will automatically log me in to the diy website and any other properties of soylent that have logins?


or if you could change owner of recipes. or be able to change your picture


I do this type of thing (SSO, or SingleSignOn) for a living. There’s a LOT of juggling behind the scenes.
For our production environment, we have over 20 servers to handle it.
(Granted, this is with a backup environment and handling 4.5 million users over two domains)
You’d need at least 3-4 boxes to do it.

Either that, or you could use an ID federated approach. You’d have to decide which site is the IDentity Provider and which site is the Relying Party, and then set up the federation between them. There’s 3 main federation types, so that would have to be decided on as well.


Usually it is the other way around, other systems act as SSO for Discourse. This is supported.


And I’m grateful that you support that- I just log on with my Google account, and Discourse does the rest for me.


To be honest, one quick way of fixing this would be do have accept OpenID logins. The login process becomes so easy I don’t care if it’s SSO or what.

What I don’t want to do is having to remember yet another password and profile.