Share the Wealth Soylent!


I love the new changes we are seeing in Soylent 1.4. I just wish the
company would pass on the savings to us. Clearly they are saving money
since there is no longer a need to produce a separate oil, oil container
and oil packaging but we, the consumer, still continue to pay the same
price. Even a slight decrease in price would b appreciated.

Just something to think about.

Avid Soylenter :smile:


This reminds me how much money Im saving each month on soylent. I ate about $1200 each month in fast food, soda and groceries. I agree I would like to see Soylent cheaper, but if it stayed at $255 a month so their profits could go up that would not be un-'murican and I would not stop buying it.


I totally agree. I do not plan on discontinuing my subscription. But Soylent is making money hand over fist right now. I’m sorry but I feel like there is a touch of greediness going on.

I know businesses are build to make money but, I just feel some type of way about this decision.


The profit they’re making is being pumped into R&D add well as expansion of production and logistics, and given the severe need for both at this stage, I think it is better in the long term that they not drop the price prematurely. They might be saving money with the removal of the oil bottles, but they’ve also increased the complexity of their recipe, so the net profit might remain unchanged in the end.


As has been pointed out in other posts, it would be crazy to reduce prices when there is a shortage of Soylent already. That would be encouraging people to order a product that doesn’t exist yet. When the new shipping system is actually in place would be a lovely time to cut prices, But I don’t realistically expect a price change until some close competition emerges.


No point in reducing prices until there isn’t a supply and demand imbalance.


The image of the greedy C.E.O. keeping prices high so he can get filthy rich just doesn’t quite seem to fit Rob… He is the definition of an ascetic.

While I normally feel like companies’ reasons for raising prices are total bullshit, the rate of growth and improvement in Soylent makes me feel like perhaps they are putting the money to good use. Once the product has stabilized and the production and shipping can meet demand, I imagine there will be an opportunity for them to drop prices, and perhaps they will.


That makes sense, I agree.


Errr… or will soon no doubt once the likely huge investments being made now to ramp up eventually pays off.
I would think that by this summer they will be making a tidy profit and we can only hope that eventually trickles down a bit to us. Personally I’m fine with the price right now and if they keep using the profits to reinvest in the product for a while I’m cool with that.


Have they said that it is cheaper to produce the powdered fat vs. the oil?


You could you say that they owe 20 million bucks, so that would not seem terrifically profitable at the moment.


The folks in charge have already clearly stated multiple times that reducing prices is a top priority.

However, I doubt they’ll do it before it’s smart to do so; I would guess that it’s still too early to do such a thing right now.


I was being charged $70/month for the 7 packets and now I see $59 in the latest billing. So … I guess its a price reduction?


IIRC they did some 15% price reductions for some people that had to wait an inordinately long time. A 15% price reduction from $70 would be $59.50 so my guess it that’s what it is. If they lowered the price before they reduced the waiting time to days rather than months then I’d be very surprised.


If we keep on putting pressure on them to make it cheaper they might have to go to even cheaper sources for ingredients. And we know what kind of health problems that could usually bring.

They are doing so much for us and saving us money at the same time, so let them too make some money in the process and also maintain or if possible increase its quality even more.


That is a one time 15% discount. It was in response to delayed shipping from January for subscribers.


Soylent 1.4 production will take place at two new manufacturing facilities, for a total of three.

Setting up two new manufacturing facilities probably cost them some money as well.


Yep - it’ll take some time to turn-around that money spent & get any kinks worked out.