Share your Soylent experience w/ Mental Floss


Hi all, my name is Rachel LaChapelle and I’m writing a story about foods of the future for Would anyone be interested in talking with me about their experience with Soylent? I’m looking for first time tasters as well as those substituting Soylent for many of their meals.

If you’re interested, please comment or message me on here. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I think you should also get feedback from DIYers.

On these fora, you’ll find some people refer to the official product as Soylent, and DIY/3rd party product as soylent.

By the way, love the name of your magazine. Very classy.


Sure we’re always happy to talk to the Press about our Soylent use. We’ve got our 1 year anniversary with Soylent coming up in about 3 weeks too (April 30). PM or email us at :slight_smile:


PM me


I am a big fan of Mentalfloss! :smiley: I watched quite a few of their videos on youtube.

I wouldn’t mind giving a comment or two as a die hard Soylent fanboy :wink: though my own experience has been limited to 1.0 Soylent, since I am from Europe. I have also tried the European alternatives such as Queal and Joylent (where Joylent is a decent alternative, but I wasn’t a fan of Queal)


I would be happy to talk to you! I’ve been on Soylent for almost two months now – it serves as the bulk of my intake. I only eat ‘real food’ on social occasions (so maybe once every few weeks). I suffered from an eating disorder for most of my teens & 20s (I’m in my early 40s now) and it’s the sort of thing that you recover from but always have to deal with on some mental level. I have found Soylent to be a godsend and it’s really helped me finally be at peace with food.


Thanks for the clarification! I’m interested in both Soylent and soylent.


Ask away. Feel free to PM me if you’d like, though I’m sure if you post questions here folks will be happy to answer publicly.

I’m a DIYer that has been on soylent for about 16 months. I did try the official Soylent (v1.0) for a short while, but found I prefer the control DIY allows. I have some v1.4 on hand also, but haven’t tried it yet.


Please don’t submit a interview request through Rosa for me… I’ve been doing alot of interview work lately…Thanks


I’m probably a bit late on this, but I’d be up for an interview as a very sad former-Soylenteer (needed to cut down costs, leaving me with a subpar diet). Been too busy to frequent the forums as much as I used to.


I’m happy to give the POV of someone who naturally integrated as a part of a healthy lifestyle. I still cook and eat other food but love the nutritional profile and convenience of Soylent.