Shares in Soylent?

Can you buy shares in Soylent Corp? If so, how can I get some! I think this is going to be huuuuuge !


I don’t think Rob is going to have an IPO any time in the near future.

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Doesn’t have to be public, I’ll take privately sold shares too! :wink:


You are asking for a commercialized, win-maximizing company.
Enjoy ads, growing prices and cheaper content. This will harm the project!


The role of a joint share company is to maximize value for the share holders. If the community that is already around Soylent was allowed to own the company, then it would serve the interests of the community.

Although I did give money to the current fundraising campaign, I would have given more if it was for a share of the company. I believe in this idea and I think there is a market for the product (a small market, but a market all the same). Only recently have investment regulations changed in a way to allow for the crowdfunding of investment into companies and it would have been nice if Rob had gone with that model.


If you think the market is small don’t buy the stock.

Of course, I’d buy the stock because I’m anxious to bet that it’s going to grow exponentially.

Even though I think the market is small, I still think it is profitable.

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I agree with the OP and was actually creating a post similar to this one when I found it. I’d be very interested in investment opportunities with Soylent as well.

I feel the exact same way. I’ve been looking for companies, ideas, and individuals to invest in. Since we live under a fiat currency system, and inflation of the dollar seems never ending and very real, protecting my wealth outside of the dollar is something I’m very interested in. The stock market is one way to protect your wealth, and if I can contribute to the success of a cause I believe in, and get returns later, I think that is ideal and something worth striving for.

Just wait until this bubble economy gets hit with the REAL impacts of QE infusions (hyperinflation) and the Fed has to raise interest rates!

It definitely does not have to be as described by ‘Geroellgeraet’. Many companies function with public or private shareholders who benefit off of the natural growth of the company without the company itself focusing on the shareholders’ gains, and making bold risky actions. Soylent Corp. could definitely benefit from an IPO without harming it’s image.

ITT: People want free money.

I wish I could buy shares to invest in Soylent. I see potential in Soylent Corp because it looks like they intend to develop foods that are convenient, healthy and affordable. I hope they will develop many types of foods including breads, beverages, appetite suppressants and ready-to-eat meals that are good enough for dinner.

All the other “big food” companies fail because the existing foods are addictive, very inconvenient, undigestible, incomplete, rots in the refrigerator, is never ready to eat when you are hungry, very time consuming, and requires skills/self discipline that most people don’t have. We can’t afford to continue to not have foods that are affordable ready-to-eat meals nutritious enough for dinner.

I would also be very interested in investing in Soylent Corp stock. I feel like the vision of the company and it’s values coincide with what most people want. I really like how they keep updating their formula to make it better. I like the idea that their process is more sustainable than some other food options. And I think other people will feel the connection to that over time. I’m all about it.

I’d be interested in buying stock (including private) if it became available too.