Sharing My Recipes and Experinces (So Far)


Hello All,

I’ve been working on my recipes for a few weeks, and started on my own experiment on 11/9. I wanted to share my experience thus far and my recipes for feedback.

The Day 4 blog has a description of some additives my wife and I are using that are NOT in the recipes as they are personal preference. I’d love some discussion on those as well.

Have a great day,


Sounds like you’re off to a good start, keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Excellent, please continue the experiment.

Should you be concerned about the 1000+% DRIs under vitamins and minerals?


Thanks for the encouragement!


Also, thank you very much for the encouragement. If I go by the RDI maximums, then no I shouldn’t have any cause for concern. None of the maxes are exceeded or the DIY site would show those items in red. The reason vitamins and minerals have such a high max value is because their absorption by the body is very difficult. So typically most multivitamins supply you with an abundant overdose with absorption factors that figure you’ll get close to the RDI’s once digested. That’s why most multivitamins will render your urine fluorescent in color because they have not been fully absorbed.


good job. keep it up!