Sharp Edges on New Bottles


This is my first post. I signed up for this forum because I wanted to express how frustrated I am with the new bottle design, though I’m sure plenty of people have chimed in already.

My biggest complaint is about how sharp the edge is. I always feel like I’m going to cut my mouth open on the lip of the bottle. Not being able to drink from the bottle comfortably has turned soylent into a pretty unpleasant experience.

Less importantly, but still annoying, the new bottles don’t fit into my refrigerator (or even stack on top of each other in their cases) as well as the old ones. And of course the foil tops create an extra step and have resulted in me splattering soylent on my clothes a few times when trying to open them. Even though the label moved on the old bottles when I opened them, they were overall much more convenient.

I understand that you had to change bottle manufacturers which is what led to the new round bottles, but PLEASE fix the lips if nothing else. These are really uncomfortable to drink from and the unpleasant experience of using them is turning me off of soylent overall.


Sharp edge that might cut your mouth? Hmmm, my latest shipment was all squircle bottles so I don’t have a new one to check but I’ve had quite a few of the new ones and I’m trying and failing to imagine what you might be talking about :frowning:


Yeah, with the new tall, thin round bottles when you peel the foil off of the top, the opening has a sharp edge that is really uncomfortable on the mouth. My last shipment was new bottles for the Original and Cacao but the old, square-ish bottles for the Strawberry. The old square bottles don’t have that problem at all.

In order to drink these comfortably I need to either use a straw or pour it into a different cup or bottle (which defeats the purpose of getting them in bottles to begin with).


Sorry for your issue.

But at the same time, be a ‘Toughguy’!!


Oh, you’re so right. I should just tough out a bad change made to a product I regularly spend hundreds of dollars on and use every day even though it now hurts to drink it :roll_eyes:.

I didn’t come here to ask for your advice, stranger. I came here because I wanted to express my feedback to a company whose product has recently gone down hill.


And I’m saying you literally have ‘Toughguy’ in your name (and this is an issue I have not seen anyone else mention, here or IRL, but once again: sorry for your issue)!!


So? I didn’t ask for your commentary about my username. This post is meant to express feedback to soylent about the way they have made a product I spend a lot of money on and use every day worse. My username and the concept of toughness is irrelevant. This is about customer satisfaction.


Psssst… I’m pretty sure it was meant as a good hearted joke…have a sense of humor.

In all seriousness though, as others aren’t reporting this problem I wonder if there is something weird in how you’re opening the bottle, leaving a more sharp edge than normal.


It’s not something that’s being left behind from the foil, it’s the design of the neck/lip of the new bottle. The old bottles have a wider opening with a smooth interior. The new bottles have more narrow openings and also it juts in with a very small amount of plastic that’s uncomfortable to drink out of.

I’m just trying to provide this feedback so the company knows it’s a problem that is negatively impacting my experience. Not asking for jokes about my username or speculation that I must be doing something wrong to cause it since you personally haven’t heard anyone else say it’s uncomfortable for them to drink out of it.


There’s certainly nothing wrong with you wanting to provide feedback on your experience, even if other people haven’t had the same issue. But if you want to direct that feedback to the company without hearing anyone else’s thoughts, it would probably make more sense to contact Soylent’s customer service rather than posting in a community forum for discussion about Soylent.


I posted it here because I’ve seen Soylent representatives respond to other feedback on this forum.


He’s not wrong. I’ve also noticed the insides of the lip on the bottle opening are unnecessarily sharp on the new bottles. I’ve been through quite a few of the new bottles (which I strongly prefer) so although I might have initially been concerned that I was going to cut myself, that hasn’t actually happened.

Nonetheless I would definitely agree that this is something that can and probably should be improved.

I suppose I really don’t care about the actual form factor as long as the label and cap stay as easy to remove as they currently are on the round bottles.


Ah man I hear ya, I have my tongue stuck in one of these right now. :crazy_face:


It’s not a bad “batch,” it’s a bad new design. I have dozens of cases of them and they are all the same. Besides not having access to a convenient way to ship these back for an exchange, unless they could be replaced with the old bottles (WHICH WERE FINE AND HAVE A SMOOTH INTERIOR AS YOU CAN SEE ABOVE) an exchange wouldn’t do anything.


I 100% agree about the sharp edges! I was thrilled to have a bottle I could actually open. (Although I was wondering why it had to have foil) and then I took my first drink. And it is very sharp! I’m not sure why every time there is a new bottle the product goes downhill. I feel exactly the same way as toughguy. I’ve spent so much money on soylent over the years and for awhile it seemed like it was greatly improving with the ready to drink and then the new flavors. But now it’s seems to be going downhill.


i actually made an account to say the same thing! its like they rolled out the new bottles because they were cheaper to produce without ever considering that customers don’t want scratchy plastic pressing against their mouths when they drink! i wonder if anyone at the company even bothered drinking out of one before they rolled them out… so dumb. between that and the extra litter from the foil caps they are undermining the whole point of having grab and go bottles in the first place. I’ve only ever bought the bottled version but i’m considering switching to powder (or giving up soylent entirely) since the convenience of grab and go is gone.


I agree. The new bottles are less comfortable to drink out of, and the foil thing at the top is a nuisance. I don’t know all the reasoning and logistics behind the change, but if it were up to me, I’d much rather have the previous version of the bottles back.


When it comes to bottles, Soylenters are really earning the stereotypes.

This bottle is too hard to open! This bottle is too sharp! :smiley:


I don’t know what soylenter stereotypes are but being annoyed that something you spend money on has been made worse is pretty reasonable.

I’m sorry that I posted in the first place!! I didn’t realize I was inviting strangers to insult me or comment on my username when I did it! I only posted because this is actively an issue and I hadn’t seen other people mention it yet, but it DOES look like I’m not the only person who finds them uncomfortable after all!


Aren’t they only sharp on the inside? I didn’t even notice they were sharp until I saw this thread. Maybe I drink from bottles differently, but my mouth doesn’t touch the inner lip of the bottle while I’m drinking.