Sharp Edges on New Bottles


I’m just messing around! Don’t feel insulted or whatever! Toughguy!


They went with the new bottles due to supply issues… couldn’t get the squaround bottles produced at enough places. Nothing to do with cost.


okay… but theres gotta be plenty of places that make bottles that aren’t scratchy where you put your mouth…these seem way cheaper which i figured was part of keeping up with demand… i dunno why anyone would make these, they are so bad! i’ve never had another drink with a scratchy bottle like this. i don’t buy that this is the best they can do to keep up with demand…


Dunno, just repeating what I’ve read elsewhere. Maybe someone should tag @soylent_team and get their input on this…


That is exactly what’s odd about this. If it’s that bad, put it in another bottle, a small Starbucks thermos, use a straw or a glass.
If you’re finding it’s sharp on the inside can you describe how exactly your consuming Soylent for us that can’t see this.



But the point of buying it in ready to drink bottles is that it’s ready to drink from the bottle. Pouring it into something else defeats that. This wasn’t a problem before and then soylent changed their product to be substantially worse. I posted a photograph of the different bottles to show the sharp edge I was talking about. There is no way to drink out of these without the sharp edge of the bottles scrape against my mouth. The only way I can even think it wouldn’t would be if I wrapped my mouth around the entire outside of the bottle. I’m not sure why you would suggest those of us for whom this is a problem are somehow drinking wrong. This is a manufacturing problem caused by a really bad change in product design.


Didn’t. I simply want to know how these sharp edges on the inside are an issue.
It could be worse.


Oh my god. It’s an issue because they made a bottle where the place one puts their mouth is sharp and that did not used to be the case.

Of course “it could be worse.” Everything could be worse. But this is a product I spend money on and when they change the bottle and create unnecessary sharp edges they are making it worse.


In relation to what “Conoristhattrue” said, I’ve been trying to picture this, why some might have a problem and some don’t. I suspect (you can correct me if I’m wrong), that you’re using your tongue to control flow rate from the bottle, hence you’re scratching yourself on it. I don’t think this is the way most people drink from bottles… (not saying it’s right or wrong to drink this way, just saying it might be why only a small minority of people are experiencing a problem)


Okay this month’s shipment is here and it’s the new bottles in question. I’ve tried taking a sip every which way I can think of and even tried rubbing my lips against the ridge at the top… and still don’t understand how people are being affected. I see the ridge at the top that I believe is causing the issue for some and I’m not discounting peoples’ negative experiences, as 4 or 5 people have now complained about it, but I personally still don’t understand it. Weird.

Edit: Just read the post above mine and I didn’t try using my tongue to drink it or whatever lol. I am now doing that (well basically just purposefully scratching my tongue against the ridge cuz putting my tongue inside the bottle while I drink feels so awkward). It feels exactly like when I rubbed my lips against the ridge, which is basically nothing.


No! My tongue has nothing to do with it! The sharp edges just dig at my upper lip because it’s sharp! It’s really not that complicated! This is a design flaw that is significant downgrade. It’s insane that they would make a bottle with a sharp edge! Even if it’s not a problem for you or most other people, it is for me and at least some others!

I really didn’t think posting that sharp edges on a bottle is a bad design would receive so much pushback or would turn into strangers speculating about my how I use a bottle. I sincerely regret posting in the first place! Even if it were the case that everyone who finds this uncomfortable was doing something unusual, that shouldn’t matter they SHOULDN’T MAKE BOTTLES WITH SHARP EDGES! THERE IS ABSOLUTEY NO BENEFIT FOR CONSUMERS FOR MAKING A BOTTLE THAT IS SHARP!


What I find odd about your responses is every time anyone has made a legitimate effort to try to understand this problem, you blow up on them. People are trying to understand your problem and how you (in the minority), are having a problem when many many others don’t. What’s different? Personally when I drink from a bottle like this, my upper lip doesn’t come in contact with the bottle at all…


The only thing there is to understand is that the bottles are sharp! That’s it! When there were questions about what I meant by a sharp edge, I further elaborated without a problem. But it’s extremely frustrating when the topic is shifted to interrogate or speculate about how I drink. Good for you for being able to drink from a bottle without your upper lip touching it but that’s not really relevant. They had a bottle with no sharp edges and then changed the design to add sharp edges! That’s really all there is to it.


Well, no one here can change the design of the bottles, so we moved towards maybe helping you address what you’re doing different than the rest of us (honestly trying to be helpful), but instead taking it in stride or laughing at good hearted attempts at humor you persist in playing the injured party.


I wish you understood how off-putting your text is. If I didn’t reply to this thread it [most likely] would have died to inactivity (no one else responded for days). I guess I’m the real hero here.


I didn’t ask for that! I posted a feedback post for the benefit of soylent so the company would know that this is an issue. I didn’t know where else to put it and I had seen the company respond here before. If I had asked a question or for advice I wouldn’t be frustrated by the responses, but all of the unsolicited speculation about how I drink is really off-putting! If I wanted help, I would have asked a question!

I won’t make the mistake of posting another topic here again! I’m really sorry I did this time!! If it’s not a problem for you GREAT! But it is for me (and at least some others) and I just wanted to let the company know so that they could potentially fix it.


Yeah, I had no idea this was a thing. If people think these bottles are dangerously sharp, I’d hate to see them try to drink from an aluminum can.

If you look on the back of your bottle, I suspect you’ll see a little note that says you can contact them at As for people responding when you post in a public forum, maybe don’t post in a public forum if you don’t want responses from the public?


I posted here because I wanted to give feedback to Soylent! Hence this being under feedback! Responses that are offering further response to Soylent on the same topic are great and let Soylent know (should they check these boards) that it’s a problem for multiple people.

Responses that are commenting on my username, speculating about how I drink, or suggesting I shouldn’t complain are just strangers on the internet being jerks! If I had asked a question and people were responding to that, I would be totally with you but basically I said, “sharp bottles are bad” and people responded as though I had asked “what should I do about sharp bottles?”

But as I’ve said before, after this experience I won’t make the mistake of creating another topic here again!


I’m just glad no one is being super dramatic.

Unrelated, sucks that you will never ever make a topic here again :frowning:


Hey, i’m not going around to your topics to antagonize you, so could you please just stop.