Sharp Edges on New Bottles


I wish you would so I could maybe see a different side of your internet personality.


i dunno… i drink normally? i dunt really kno how else to describe the way i drink, lol. i put the bottle to my mouth and drink… the new bottles like, catch on the inside of my lip? i don’t think theres anyways i can drink it without it touching? it’s just scratchy on the corner & inside of my lip now and it sucks cuz it wuz fine before and all smooth :frowning: i ordered powder for my first time bcuz these bottles are bad but that wont come for wks & i have so many scratchy bottles to go thru…its just a waste…i thought this they had made a perfect product and then they changed it and made it scratchy :sob::sob::sob:


i didnt kno tagging was a thing here, lol. @soylent_team, whyd yall make these new bottles so scratchy?


Given that several Soylent customers have this issue with the new bottles, even if those customers only represent a minority, I hope Soylent will change the bottles sometime soon.


It took close to a year of [a much larger group of] people complaining about the last bottles being too hard to open for a change to be made (although the complaining might not have been part of the reasoning behind the change), so I dunno keep trying I guess.

EDIT: Also somewhat relevant, from the linked thread above, an answer to a Reddit AMA with the founder and new CEO from the end of February:

Bold emphasis added by me.


I haven’t had any of the new bottles yet but looking at the picture I suspect this would be a mild annoyance to me. I tried drinking out of a smooth Gatorade bottle just to think about how I drink. I place the threaded part of the bottle on my lower lip, tilt the bottle up so that it’s then also touching both sides of my upper lip. My mouth covers about half of the opening so air can escape from above my upper lip and I don’t get that suction. My upper lip sticks just a little into the bottle. I imagine at this point I’d be able to feel the sharp edge on the sides of my upper lip, but it wouldn’t be anything I’d think about. But when I pull the bottle away I tilt the bottle back into it’s normal position and as I do so I close my lips, running the sides of my upper lip along the bottom half of the bottle opening, just barely on the inside. So because of the way my upper lip starts at the middle of the circle, moves to the bottom of the circle and I close my lips right as I’m pulling the bottle away I wouldn’t be surprised if I felt that edge all along my lip as I pulled away. If it’s really sharp enough to be uncomfortable it probably will be for me as well.

Also I don’t have any problems with cans or anything. I don’t have one in front of me to drink from to evaluate it, but I assume it’s because it’s got that raised smooth lip around the edge of the can.


Do you have anteater or aardvark DNA? @soylent_team Please send all sharp bottles ASAP, I’ll take one for the team. :hot_face::alien::volcano:


Please stop insulting me. Has my lip actually been sliced open by this yet? No. But it feels like it might every time and other people have said its uncomfortable for them as well.


Hey man, if you are insulted I apologize. Just find it all kinds of weird that someone has complained about the inside of a bottle when there are much larger issues that the @soylent_team is dealing with.
Give them time to add it to the list but if it’s not rectified in a manner you like just don’t buy the product and come back later on. It’s been a year with out it here and I wouldn’t be complaining if I could have those “sharp inside bottles”.


Heh the way you respond to people is way more insulting than the tame ribbing you received in the beginning (and from @Conoristhattrue more recently)


I came here to post something that is a problem and immediately was made fun of. That sucks. Please stop telling me that I shouldn’t be insulted when you keep going out of your way to antagonize me. I’m not sure why it’s important for you to tell me that I’m wrong to be upset that you are insulting me. If we were friends teasing might be appropriate but we are strangers and this is mean.


This is the internet. That’s how things work. People on this forum playfully poke and jest at each other and even at Soylent all the time. We are also really supportive of each other. You are by far the most obnoxious person in this forum. You’ve blown up on everyone who has tried to offer advice. Yes, this is a legitimate complaint and I think it’s good you brought it to the attention of the Soylent Team and probably even better that you got on the forum and had other people agree with you. But when you post a problem without an immediate solution people are going to help you try to find work arounds for the time being. When people tried to help you started acting like a child. Soylent cannot fix this issue immediately. It takes over six months for them to implement a change in product. Contact Soylent for a refund, they will no doubt give you. Complaining on here isn’t going to magically make all your bottles smooth. You’ll either have to find a work around, deal with it, or stop buying Soylent until they change bottles again. Really those are your options. Quit acting like everyone on here is out to get you. No one really cares that much about your presence. If you don’t like it, stop commenting and other people will too.


I’m sorry that you find my frustration at being made fun of or receiving unsolicited advice to be obnoxious. I didn’t ask for advice on how to deal with it. I wrote a specific post with feedback about a product. I would have much preferred if this never became personal but within the first day this shifted to jokes about my name choice and then later speculation and assumptions about what I and others must be doing wrong to be affected. Yes, you’re right this is the internet but it was a mistake for me to post here because no, it isn’t supportive. I thought it was ridiculous when people said that they were having a hard time opening the old bottles but I didn’t go out of my way to make fun of them for it or suggest they do something differently. If was looking for advice about a workaround, I would have asked for that, but I didn’t. I’ve already been doing some on my own.

There’s no need to make jokes at or hurl insults toward strangers. If anyone has something specific to add on the subject of the bottles being uncomfortably sharp, great!


Given that constantly getting on him for his responses is not accomplishing anything, could we put a moratorium on digging at it further?

This kind of behavior is really not what I was planning to find upon returning to the forums after a year.


Hey man I’m just a Soylentless cranky deadline packed guy who doesn’t understand how the insides of a bottle can affect a customers feelings to a product.

I kid you not, the only thing that comes to mind is the image of an anteater kicking back in front of his monitor with his tongue stuck in a bottle.I’m going to have draw this it’s so vivid.


Hello all, wanted to weigh in here. We hear and understand your concerns! This lip is a common unfortunate feature in most HDPE bottles because of the manufacturing process. While we are always looking to improve the design of the bottle, this is a stock option that we did not have control over. We are working on ways to improve the bottle but these things can take time (our sqround bottle took 2 years to develop!)

Please hang in there and hopefully knowing that we hear you will give you enough solace until we can address this issue.



Thank you, @soylent_team


Please don’t change these new round bottles, I love them so much because they have the same footprint as a can of soda (this is why they are easy to get produced). They fit in all of my aluminum can holders, so it stays nice and cold when I drink it slowly to help with protein absorption. I understand the concerns of a handful of people, but overall they are a huge upgrade over the square bottles that don’t fit properly in coozies without deforming them, and don’t fit in some cup holders.


i drew a picture of drinking from the scratchy bottles! plz be don’t judge too hard, im not a good artist.


i guess i don’t care that much about the shape, tho i preferred the square ones cuz they didnt roll around or get dented like the round ones do… good compromise would be round bottles with smooth edge… but these ones dont feel good to drnk from