Sharp Edges on New Bottles


Oooh, I dig it! Your work has given me two thoughts though…

-I just don’t get it how the insides of the bottle are a problem and seeing this now makes me wonder even more so.

-Your label brought about another vivid image.It’s a rogue Soylent “bad bottle” in a 80’s punk leather jacket, sharp spikes/piercings and a mohawk…
Too much coffee here —… maybe even a halloween/S.G. like caption “You don’t consume us…but we’ll consume you!”… “Soylent, it’s what people are made of cause it’s made up of people.”…:coffee:


Awesome picture. I think I can see the problem now, also no how I drink from a bottle. From the image, is it true that it’s mostly a problem at the end of the bottle? I.e, when you have to tip the bottle further? Or is it right through from the beginning?

I suspect the difference is others are tilting their head more than the bottle, meaning the upper lip never goes in to the bottle.


i dont think it really makes much more of a difference at the beginning or end…i just started a new bottle to check and i feel it immediately because my top lip just falls on top of the ridge when i drink…i thought thats how everyone drank (or maybe i do have anteater lips lol)…the bottom side of my top lip touches the edge of the bottle in two places and wen i put the bottle up to my mouth or pull it away, sometimes it scratches, but mostly its just uncomfortable resting there… the top edge also sometimes scratches the space between my nose and my lip… ive been trying to be gentler when drinking but ive never had to think this much about how to drink from a bottle before. i kno soylent said they didnt have control over it but i rly hope they can do something about it soon since i got addicted to soylent back when they had the smooth design…im rly surprised more people dont have this problem with the new disign… trying powder for my first time next month-- hope it its not too annoying to mix up, i do like the grabngo ease of bottles.


I have been using the new bottle for a while and never noticed any problem until I found this thread. Now I tend to be more aware of the “lip scratching” issue, which could probably be fixed with a slightly different design, but I still see it as a non-problem. The scratching is so minimal that I didn’t noticed it until someone pointed it out, and it still does not bother me in the least. Also one can pour the liquid in a glass or some other drinking container. In general I do not see it as more serious e.g. than the lip scratching issue when drinking a soft drink directly from a can.


Of course one can pour it into another container but that defeats the purpose of buying it in a bottle that’s meant to be ready to drink.


Does it cut your lip? Do you get chapped lips easily? Will this be something that disturbs you so deeply that you’ll stop buying any of the other company products? How is your sleep?

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I’ll chime in and agree that I dislike the sharp inner edge on the new bottles. I just got through the last of my sqround bottles a week ago and immediately noticed the edge on these new bottles. It’s not bad, I don’t think it will injure me in any way, but it’s certainly slightly uncomfortable and I’m distinctly aware of it and can feel it on every sip causing me to be more careful/thoughtful about how I drink than I’d like to be.