"Sharp" taste in 1.8 after 3-4 days: Fermenting?


Subscriber since the 1.3 days… Is it my imagination or has the powder become more prone to developing an off-putting “sharp” almost vinegar-y taste after a relatively few days? What’s going on? (I never leave the pitcher out for any amount of time, so I can’t believe it has anything to do with temperature control, unless it’s something that starts in the initial mixing.)


Had this for a while…turned out I hadn’t cleaned out my pitcher well enough (fully disassembled)


We recommend that you finish any prepared Soylent Powder within 48 hours.

– John


Obviously Soylent proper can’t say it, but my experience in more detail (1) Soylent tastes just fine after far more than the indicated 2 days. (No comment with regards to nutrient stability). But (2) this only holds true so Long as the container they are mixed in is really well cleaned. If stuff has started to grow in the jug though, the Soylent will ferment fairly quickly,