Shelf life after mixing?

How long is Soylent good for after mixing? AKA, can I mix it at night and have it in the morning? I sometimes wake up really early and don’t want to wake my significant other up.

Officially, two days in the refrigerator. Unofficially, I’ve gone past 72 hours without issue a few times.


Mixing it and then soaking it overnight has always been the recommended method. You’re fine doing that; you’re fine mixing it and having it two mornings later, since that’s well under 48 hours. Just keep it refrigerated.

How long… without the refrigerator?

I’ve never left Soylent out unrefrigerated (other than in a vacuum flask with ice cubes for travel, which was consumed before the ice cubes melted). Hours, maybe?

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Considering what is in Soylent (everything an organism needs to thrive, human or microbe) I would recommend “as little time as possible.”

I take a blender bottle full of it to work and sip it throughout the day. By the time I leave work the remainder is room temperature and fine. When I get home I refill my bottle and put it back in the fridge immediately.

I never have any problems, but I would not leave it out any longer, either.

If kept refrigerated, my DIY usually goes bad by the third day.
If not refrigerated at all, it will go bad by the end of the day.

If refrigerated overnight, and then kept cold with ice, it can last a while… but as soon as it warms up to room temperature, the clock is ticking!

On the plus side, if your nose is working, it’s usually pretty obvious if it’s bad. It’s obvious in different ways if it goes bad while warm versus going bad in the fridge, but the smell and the taste will tell you!

Oh… and if you leave a plastic shaker bottle with some soylent in it at room temperature for a couple of weeks, it’s best to open it outdoors to dump, and soak the whole thing in bleach solution for a few hours after washing it in order to get the smell out of the plastic. :frowning:


and if you leave a plastic shaker bottle with some soylent in it at room temperature for a couple of weeks

That was oddly specific. Running some quality experiments at home, are you?

Come on, don’t be silly. It was in a car.

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Temperature is definitely key in extending the life of a batch of Soylent. I had the horrible experience of drinking rancid Soylent that was only in my fridge for about 2 days, turns out the fridges’ cooling setting wasn’t down enough and it Soylent was only getting down to about 50 degrees. I try to keep it about 38-45 degrees from now on. After that experience I ritualistically throw it out on the third day without tasting it.

I have a Thermos that I carry my Soylent around in, specifically for work, and one day I decided to be lazy and let it sit overnight unrefrigerated. The next morning, I was met with one of THE most vile and disgusting smells I’ve ever experienced… it literally made me gag. I wouldn’t let Soylent sit at room temperature for any longer than you would a regular food… typical food safety rules state that food should be disposed of after 4 hours at room temperature, and I would absolutely follow that rule with Soylent.