Shelf Life and Storage of Unmixed

I have a quick question.

I noticed some older comment about the shelf life of Soylent. The Reddit wiki mentions the powder can last up to a year if not two if kept dry and cool. And most discussion topics on this board are pretty outdated.

However, the shipments contain canola and fish oil blends. Some basic research suggest Fish Oil will go rancid without refrigeration after around three months.

Should I be refrigerating my oils?

Other thoughts on the topic?

The short answer. Yes.

Do you really plan on keeping your Soylent for more than 3 months?

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I’ve had my oils at room temperature for a month or two with no detected problems (some extra oil I got from someone). But refrigerating it certainly won’t hurt.

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horsefield: Well, I got a month’s supply shipment and only been going through about a week per month. I’m mostly using it to replace my lunches. So yes, it will have to last around 4 months. =D

Thanks for the advice. I’ve placed the oil containers in their box and found a quiet spot in the fridge.

I’d gotten my Soylent a year ago, and due to a shipping error I still have some. I had been using it without the oil until today (because I get my fat from dinner, where I admit I splurge). Well, guess what… you’re right. The oil was more rancid than I care to describe. Let’s just say I took one tiny sip and then immediately had to chug a giant glass of orange juice to get rid of the taste. The memory, however, will haunt me for the rest of my life.