Shelf life of Soylent, only two years?


I am a backer and first off can’t wait to finally get my hands on Soylent. With the launch of the new site they mentioned the shelf life of Soylent is two years, as this is the first time I have heard an estimate for it I have a few questions and was hoping the community might be able to help answer them.

  1. Is two years a conservative estimate due to legal reasons or is that likely a true shelf life?
  2. What elements are most likely to be contributing to that “short” shelf life? Honestly I expected it to be quite a bit longer.


2 years is not bad, I think. With some planning you can keep 2 years of Soylent at home at all times.


Soylent throw a wrench in your bomb shelter plans?


lol, no. I just was surprised and was trying to determine what ingredients might be the primary cause of the short shelf life. I agree with ruipacheco that with normal consumption it likely would never be an issue.


I would argue that two years isn’t very short for a product with perishable contents. It’s not canned food, after all.


I wonder if it is the oil that creates the short (relatively) shelf life and not the powder sealed in the bags.


Short relative to what?


On the long side, compared to say milk. On the short side, compared to canned beans? I don’t know. There are some products out there that have a much longer shelf life for bunker type purposes.


I suspect Soylent powder will be appealing to bugs, so it will be important to protect the bags; I’ve seen bugs get into plastic bags, sealed tupperware-style containers, even the ‘paint tins’ some brands of steel-cut oats come in.


My understanding is that these bags are sealed. Not like in ziplock style but vacuum seal style which have no sort of opening until they are cut. @vanclute can you confirm?


Vitamins go bad (oxidize? I’m not a chemist). Two years sounds about right, based on multivitamins I’ve bought in the past.


Yes they are completely sealed. They have slight notches on the edges to make them easy to tear open, but they are not ziplocked or anything until after you tear off the top. I would be pretty stunned if bugs managed to get into these in their sealed state.

There are some pics in my ebay auction, in case they help.


But this isn’t canned! Are you familiar with the canning process? It’s pretty fascinating how it revolutionized food.


ah. that would make sense.


It is amazing. Can we can soylent?


No, you wouldn’t be able to can soylent or most any vitamin product because of the high temps involved. The bags appear to be mylar though, and if so they are often used by ‘preppers’ for long-term storage. It is possible to purchase vitamins with a terribly long shelf life though, and I too was surprised by the relatively short shelf life of this product. Perhaps they’re planning to tap that market later.


It could also be like expiration dates on things that really kinda don’t expire. I think anything you’re going to consume is supposed to have an expiration date on it. So maybe 2 years was just decided by their legal team or whoever, as being a safe bet even though it reasonably should be able to be 5 or 10 years but nobody’s been able to test that yet?


Since you were the first to get your shipment I nominate you to test this theory. Please put 1 bag of soylent on a shelf for 5 years and report back.


LOL I wasn’t quite first, but fairly close. I’ll get right on that test… =D


We want the report back, in triplicate, by the end of the week.