Ship Maltodextrin separately?-Future Improvement


I realize that not all requests can be accommodated but shipping that ingredient separately would make it incredibly simple to moderate carbohydrate levels and sweetness at the user level.


At some point it may be feasible for them to provide DIY kits (or something like it) that allow you to tinker. I think there’s a healthy niche market there - but right now their focus has to be 100% on getting the official product launched, so that all the secondary fun stuff can ride its coattails…


Imagine the publicity and media coverage if someone starved to death because they didn’t add the maltodextrin to their soylent mix “because I heard that carbs were bad.” I’m guessing the media would either omit that detail or bury it somewhere deep in the article.


That is completley ILLOGICAL Exordium01. To starve to death in that way you would need to ignore your hunger drives. If there were not enough caloric density in the remaining Soylent without the maltodextrin the user would feel hungry.


And? It isn’t unheard of for people to starve themselves to death.

Or consider the recent reddit AMA posted here.


I’m sure you’re not a bad person but again your trolling is trumping your logic. She starved to death trying to survive on zero nutrition. Soylent is nutritionally complete without the maltodextrin.

  1. Maltodextrin is added just for carbohydrate calories ( ).
  2. It provides sweetness without being a simple sugar like destrose, hfcs, honey, etc.
  3. If you drank enough calories of soylent (without the maltodextrin) you would not be deficient in anything.
  4. A possible concern would be if you chose to replace the maltodextrin with something like a vitamin & mineral fortified protein powder. At that point you could possibly get too much of a particular vitamin/mineral

If you don’t take Soylent according to the instructions, or do so without consulting a doctor the Soylent team shouldn’t be liable. I’m certain they’ll have a solid team of lawyers tweaking the recommendations and warnings on the product to insulate themselves.


I’m not trolling. You aren’t taking a holistic view of diet into consideration. Your caloric intake is part of your nutrition. That’s why it is included in the macronutrient overview. Without enough caloric content, it isn’t nutritionally complete. Even if you are trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t cut your caloric intake much below the recommended 2000 calories. The heavier you are, the higher your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is. If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably will do so on a 2000 calorie diet.

To answer your points,

  1. Agreed.
  2. It isn’t there to provide sweetness, it’s there to provide calories.
  3. Without the maltodextrin, you wouldn’t be consuming enough calories of soylent. That’s why it’s in there.
  4. Agreed. That’s why it’s in there.

Soylent wouldn’t be liable, but it would get lots of bad press, deserved or not.

Edit: As mentioned in the Ars Technica review. You’ll be fine on micronutrients if you don’t quite finish the daily portion. I’d imagine taking out one of the main calorie sources would lead to an unbalanced formula. If you want a slightly lower caloric intake, you’re better off consuming slightly less (or getting Soylent 1800) than removing the maltodextrin altogether.


I’m asking for the maltodextrin to be separate. Or course your calorie intake is part of your nutrition. Without the maltodextrin a “one day” supply of soylent is no longer a one day supply, that’s pretty obvious.
If you want to use maltodextrin go for it. For someone like me and the many amateur athletes like me who are higher protein/fat and lower carbohydrates. I would replace the 500 cals with MCT oil and Whey. Separating the maltodextrin provides a perfect base to optimize for a person.

2.Referring to Maltodextrin sweetness. It was picked for its sweetness levels. See and additional notes here )
3. Obviously, but keeping it in a separate bag gives you options. Again as I mentioned a few times simply drinking more soylent without maltodextrin. This would make a “1 day supply” no longer a one day supply, but that’s a personal trade off.

Again, there was never a point where I said that the maltodextrin shouldn’t be used. I suggested it get shipped separately. The implication that I personally wouldn’t use it all the time Shipping separately leaves you with a great base to start from.


Have you seen what athletes eat? I’m an amateur runner (and rock climber when I have time). I weigh 125 lb, eat 3000+ calories/day, and still can’t manage to gain weight. I don’t want to take the maltodextrin out, I want to add more protein/carbs/fat onto it.

It’s silly to ship the maltodextrin separately. It adds to process complexity, It doesn’t provide any real benefits, and it potentially causes problems with nutritional balance for people who don’t know what they’re doing, which, unless you’re more qualified than the people they’ve already brought on board, includes you.


Then why are you even replying? If you want to add in that’s a cakewalk, you can do some experimenting and add in your very own choices for proteins/carbs/fats. I mean if you have issues keeping a journal of what you’ve added in vs how you feel, muscle gains/loss, fat gain/loss etc. then sure trusting someone else more than yourself makes sense.

Clearly you can see how this doesn’t effect you. It’s just another baggie you take 1.5 seconds to open and pour into your pitcher. If pouring one more packet into a pitcher is too much added complexity about all I can do is shake my head and chuckle. If you’re worried about the manufactuing complexity that would be for the team to decide and not you. Unless you actually work in the industry.

For me if I want more carbs I’ll use sweet potato powder, more oat powder or quinoia powder not maltodextrin.

I am 100% certain I know more about what my body needs than anyone else. I’m sorry you’re not there yet, I can see how being unable to optomize your nutrition to gain the weight that you like would be frustrating. However, there’s no need to take your frustrations out on me.

There’s more to nutrition than what goes in. Your personal hormone balance, type of activity, and even gut flora to an extent. Someone else can provide a base, but I can make it right for me.


Funny. Last I checked, they weren’t packing soylent in that manner. I wonder why?

I’m 100% certain you don’t. You don’t have the same education that the people testing Soylent/actually looking at data have. You don’t have the same level of data or access to the level of data that they have, or you’d have shown it. You read a couple threads on this forum and think that makes you an expert.

I’m not taking frustrations out on you, I’m simply stating why your idea isn’t a good one, and in response you accuse me of being illogical, a troll, incapable of logging food, and incapable of pouring more than one packet into a pitcher.

I’m not claiming that I have that knowledge either, but I have a good enough grasp of the scientific method to know when I see pseudoscientific rambling.


They’re not packaging soylent like that because they’re currently focusing on the one size fits all model. Thus why this says “future improvement” and doesn’t even imply that they should do this initially.

Your inital response to my idea was to suggest it woudl klll people due to starvation. That is illogical because to starve in an environment of plentiful calories would require ignoring hunger. You made the assumption that I said that the maltodextrin shoudl be omitted and not consumed with no acceptable substitute. You also based your assumption on 1 day supply being the sum total of nutrition. I never said that the calories shoudln’t be made up from another source nor did I say that maltodextrin was bad. Just that I wanted thw option not to include it. You accused me of not knowing what athletes eat and foisted your weight gaining issues into the conversation. You != me. If you want that maltodextrin my plan keeps it there for you to use as you’d like.

I don’t have the same knowledge, information or training that they do, which is why I’m not telling YOU what to do. I can only tell you what I’ve found that works for me. I know me better than anyone. I’ve experimented with my diet, gotten my own blood work done and tracked concrete results (gains and losses) as well as emotional qualfiers for how “good” i feel when I have made dietary changes and figured out what helps ME feel great. No one else in the world is capable of that at this time.

Pseudoscientific? We haven’t talked about any science at all!
The maltodextrin is added as a way of including additional calories in the form of carbohydrates. (As we both agreed)

By making it a separate packet you have all the flexibility of “plug and play” as well as the option to swap out over 450 calories of your daily diet to reach your preferred macronutrient ratio. That doesn’t interest you which is totally fine.

Where is the downside to this flexibility?


Nope, I haven’t read much of this forum. It’s not what I’d consider trustworthy data (it may well be a good soruce of topics to research but I can’t know for sure at this point). I stick to lots of pub med, the suppversity blog, and I even talk to doctors and researchers.

Please tell me where that happened. I made a packaging suggestion based on personal preference in a way that increases the flexiblity of the final product and does not detract from any consumer.


Exordium, you’re coming across as combative, with no real purpose for it…

I think being able to purchase the constituent ingredients (i.e. have them shipped separately) would be awesome. Kind of a barebones nutrition kit - most people will be able to use Soylent ootb, but some of us will tinker.

If there were an option to have all the Soylent ingredients shipped separately, I would choose that over premixed. Yes, there’s added complexity, but the benefit is customization.

There’s no need to argue with that point. We ( @bryce_leo and I) are both aware that added complexity means added cost, so this degree of flexibility is something we’d like to see in the future. Hence his title.


I am also interested in a no carb version of soylent some time in the future. With the maltodextrin sold seperately of course so I can customize my level of carbs.


I hope that if variants of Soylent are to be produced, a ketogenic version would be one of the first. That’s one of the more interesting food hacks, and actually shows results. A very controlled diet could be even more effective.