Shipment of soylent


I’d the starter kit and soylent separate shipments??? I received the starter kit but not the soylent… Also… The plastic o ring on the cap for the pitcher is broken…


They are separate shipments, with the kit usually arriving just before the Soylent, and regarding your broken pitcher part, tagging @JulioMiles


Your Soylent order will be shipping soon, and we’ll get you a new pitcher shipped out tomorrow. Thanks for your support!


I took a picture but can’t upload yet because I’m new to the forum???


Yes, while members are still new, they can’t post images or send private messages. I’m not sure exactly what it takes to get off “new” status. But Julio Miles said they’ll be shipping you a new pitcher, so no photo needed. :sunny:


Awesome customer service!!! Thank you so much!!! Now to wait for the soylent to arrive!!! I saw that extra orders of soylent gets quicker shipping on the website… When I get to log in, it doesn’t accept my email and PW… I’m one of the original backers…


Your subscription account is not created when you originally backed. You just need to sign up with the same email you used to back Soylent, and it they will add you to the fast-track shipping queue for reorders.