Shipments being returned to Soylent by FedEx

Have been a subscriber for a few months now. My December shipment arrived at FedEx 8pm one day, then the next day at 1pm without leaving the FedEx facility it was showing “Returning package to shipper. Improper shipment - Unable to deliver shipment - Returning to shipper”. Contacted Soylent via “Report a Problem” on website and another shipment was sent out a week later, which I received. For the January shipment, same thing happened at FedEx, so I emailed Soylent, who then sent another shipment out, but that shipment too was returned. I emailed Soylent twice and have not gotten a response in 2 weeks. Can’t find a phone number to customer service to call. My Feb shipment is about to be shipped in a couple of days and am worried the same thing will happen. And, I’ve been charged a while ago for the January shipment which I didn’t receive. Can anyone help with this issue?




It’s probably a problem with the address or getting into the building, is my guess.

As I feared, my Feb shipment was just sent back to Soylent today as well. FedEx says to contact the sender since they returned the shipments back to the sender. Shouldn’t be a problem with the address since I was receiving shipments previous, and no issues getting into my building before.

Still no response yet from anyone Soylent…

You say it shouldn’t be a problem with the address, but a whole lot of us are receiving shipments of Soylent every month. I’ve been receiving mine for over a year. Odds are there is some explanation and it’s not just random particle collision somewhere.

And just because there was no problem getting into the building before doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem getting into the building now.

I hope there is something written on the packages that are returned that gives some kind of coherent explanation. So I agree with you that someone from Soylent should get back to you. @Conor

Could you PM me with the email you used to contact customer service.

I’m starting to have problems with FedEx too. They’re not sending my shipment back, YET. But the driver is all of a sudden not wanting to take the boxes to my apartment door (one flight of stairs). The last two deliveries he left them at the manager’s office, who say they won’t accept them anymore.

I emailed Soylent about 3 weeks ago trying to get them to put preferably 3 cases max, but no more than 4 cases max to a box, HOPING that would help solve the issue, as that was how 1 shipment was but the rest have included a box with 5 cases (pretty heavy)…but the bozo driver was hauling my full 7 case delivery up the stairs all at once.

The only response I’ve gotten from Soylent so far, after waiting 3 weeks, was to ask me how I felt about how they handled my issue. Based on your experience and mine it seems the Soylent customer service experience is starting to take a dive. And maybe they need to take a look at UPS. Or better yet, I’m not too far from the wharehouse in (I forget…Broomfield??), give me a big discount and let me pick it up myself!

Oh, in case it’s not obvious, this is 2.0.

You can order smaller amounts of 2.0, weekly.

Yep, there’s no discount for ordering more than one box at a time.

I’ve never had anything delivered to an apartment, so I don’t know how this works. Is FedEx supposed to carry it up to your apartment? I live in a house, so they generally leave packages outside the front door. What’s the status quo for delivery to an apartment? If it’s supposed to be delivered to your apartment door, I’d say your complaint is with FedEx, not with Rosa Labs. If it’s supposed to be delivered to the manager’s office, is it legal for them to refuse your deliveries? Something seems fishy about that (apparently no-win) situation.

I actually tried to search the FedEx website, but I haven’t found what their policy is.


I don’t see anywhere on Soylent’s ordering page where I can get a subscription discount by ordering weekly. I only see monthly.

The discount is for making a subscription (for 2.0 it works on an order as small as one box). You can make as many subscriptions as you’d like with no penalty. So, for example, one could make multiple smaller subscriptions a week (or any time period) apart, or use one subscription and press the “need more now” button every few days. Unless you make multiple orders on the same day, FedEx will deliver the boxes on different days, as Rosa Labs will ship the orders as they come in.

I have created subscriptions, received one order, and cancelled the subscription, multiple times. There’s no penalty for doing so. The only downside is you need to click a few times on the website, but that’s no burden to me since I’m perpetually attached to a computer anyway.


My complaint to Rosa Labs is for not responding to my email.

An apartment manager is in no way obligated to accept a tenat’s packages.

Let me put your other question in perspective…I am 45 years old. I’ve been having packages delivered since I was, no joke, 8 years old. Thousands of them at this point, from UPS, USPS, FedEx, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, On Trac, and probably others. I’ve had these deliveries to homes, apartments, and townhouses/condos. I cannot remember ever having an issue until now of having the package placed at my front door in any of these situations. The current apartment, and an identical one to it I had before, I have had all of theses companies deliver packages to the door…hundreds probably. The issue, as far as I can see, is the driver not wanting to deal witht the weight of the packages. He could at least delivery the smaller boxes and/or make 2 trips. Right now I’m just trying to get Rosa to package 3 or 4 max cases per box. If the will do that I still think I’m going to have to convince FedEx to get these delivered, even if they have to bring 1 box a day. Soylent 2.0 delivered is far from cheap, and I’m sure a good chunk of my money is going to FedEx to deliver it, so I expect them to do so or not take the job. And I would hope Rosa Labs would agree.

I’m a little confused reading that, though I can probably figure it out. It does sound like me having to put in more work than I should have to. I think Rosa Labs should make it easier. At least I’m getting more help from Soylent users than I am so far from Rosa or FedEx.

Ok, I figured it out. I cancelled my subscription and I’ll stagger a few different subscriptions and hopefully this will work . Thanks for the help.


This probably will become a more frequent problem, so somebody will probably write a help document on this. My Soylent shipments are certainly the heaviest shipments I’ve ever had on a regular basis, and you really can’t blame a driver for baulking at the heavy weight. I am sometimes amazed at the heaviness that is delivered to my front door on the ground level!

Customer service reps are often expected to solve problems they don’t understand very well. I remember having to help a customer turn off a blaring burglar alarm over the phone. The customer was frantic, and I had never seen a burglar alarm in my life.


According to the tracking website, my shipment of Soylent 1.5 (powder) doesn’t leave the FedEx facility and gets sent right back to Soylent a few hours after arriving. Because of this I doubt it’s an issue with my address, also nothing has changed address or building-wise since I received my last successful shipment, and I received two boxes from Newegg this past week. @Conor has helped me escalate the issue on Wednesday, hopefully I’ll get a response soon…


Your mention of Newegg reminded me of one of my ‘favorite’ FedEx catastrophes.

I get most of my Newegg packages delivered to my office, addressed to me, c/o My Employer, then the street address where I work. Suddenly, one particular package got returned to Newegg, not once but twice, as undeliverable, after spending at least a week in shipping limbo each time. I talk to the Newegg rep the second time, she tells me FedEx had slapped a sticker over the address portion, showing the address of a different office of the company I work for!

So I ask Newegg to put a new address sticker on it, and resend it. Then – just in case – I called the shipping room of the other location of my company, and ask them to accept delivery and call me, if it happens again.

Two weeks later, I get a call from the other location. I drive over and get my package. It’s got 6 labels layered on it: three from Newegg, all perfectly addressed, and three from Fedex showing “address correction” handwritten, and the other company location printed. Interestingly, the correction labels are all dated, and are each from a Wednesday during the package’s times in limbo.

A dozen phone calls later, come to find out a particular temp driver always has the route my office is on, on Wednesdays. And my office is at the far end of the route, several miles from the fedex depot. The guy was cutting his route short by claiming my office didn’t exist.

Moral of the story: sometimes delivery drivers just suck.



The status quo would be to deliver to the door if you answer, and to the apartment office if you don’t.

Sometimes management has odd rules and they won’t allow deliveries to individual units, but rather require it be taken to the complex office, other times management will refuse to accept deliveries on your behalf. If you don’t answer, and management refuses (or is closed when they try), FedEx should still make three attempts (on different days), if you haven’t been available those three times then it’s on you to drive to their dispatch center to pick it up.

That’s odd. In general they should never leave a package at an apartment door, but it’s at the drivers discretion, so if you have an isolated unit with a good place to hide the package they may.

The FedEx (Ground/Home Delivery) driver has to pay the claim out of their own pocket if the package goes missing, so they really need to hand someone the package for most apartments. Most drivers won’t take that hit willingly.

These guys deal with big, heavy boxes all day, the weight is probably not the issue here. You even mentioned he was bringing them all at once rather than separate trips with less weight, I doubt the weight was bothering him much. In fact, they usually make extra effort to get rid of the big stuff so they don’t have to deal with it being in the way the rest of the day… and the next… and the next…

This may not apply to your specific apartment, but it fits a lot of them out there:

The issue with apartments is time. These trucks are often overloaded with deliveries (sometimes they’re loaded top to bottom, front to back, no room to spare, and half the deliveries are still sitting on the dock waiting for you to make a second trip), often with not enough time to accomplish the route. When you’re faced with a 10, 12, 14+ hour day, and deadlines with certain customers, you don’t always have time to deal with apartment complexes, especially large ones. Some of these apartments can easily suck 20-30+ minutes out of your drivers day, sometimes there are gates to deal with, or locked doors leading to interior hallways, sometimes you can’t drive close to the unit, or have to make multiple trips to a distant unit, etc.

Contrast that with your normal single family home where the driver runs up the sidewalk and straight back, and where he can comfortably leave a package at the door, all of which typically takes under a minute.

So, given the issues above, sometimes the drivers will take a shortcut and go straight to the office to deliver the boxes, saving themselves 20 wasted minutes when they find out the one or two deliveries they had in the complex aren’t home, and they have to go to the office anyway.

They usually should try your door first, but they don’t always.

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As I said previously, leaving packages at my apartment door is not and has never been a problem. It is more isolated than most front doors of houses.

The driver told the manager that it was a “safety issue” for them…in other words, too heavy to carry.

Regardless of how these drivers/companies feel about their hours or long days or “safety”, I’m paying for a service and I expect to get it, otherwise don’t take my money. Seems pretty simple to me. They are not giving discounts to apartments for partial service or requiring more fees for apartment delivery.

I agree, they should be making the attempt to get it to you before going to the office. If you’re consistently not home when they’re coming, and your apartment won’t take your packages anymore you may still have workable options.

It is specifically against FedEx policy for them to leave it at the door of an apartment (you’ve been lucky so far that they were doing it), the company does not make exceptions to that unless you sign a waiver to relieve them of responsibility in case it goes missing or is damaged. You may need to do this for every tracking number.

The driver may still choose to leave it, but he is taking the chance of having to pay for whatever gets lost. In the case of a large Soylent order that is this expensive he shouldn’t just be leaving it at the door, it could cost him two or three days pay if you made a claim.

Maybe you have a different driver who doesn’t want to take the chance on losing half his check, or maybe it’s the same guy as always, but he got burned one to many times and won’t do it anymore.

Some apartments will also allow you to sign a waiver with them in order for them to continue accepting packages, so it may be worth asking. If their issue is with the size of the orders that probably wouldn’t help much, sometimes they just don’t like having big boxes around, even if they’ve got plenty of space.