Shipped an incorrect non-vegan order for the third time


So… @JulioMiles, guess what we got for the 3rd time in our latest reorder of Soylent? You guessed it…

Oil blend bottles! Ding ding ding ding give the man a prize!

OK but all joking aside… seriously, we really did get shipped the non-vegan version again. For the third time since our original vegan order. It’s not like it’s any great hardship or anything, and heck every time I’ve had other forum members who are very happy to take it off our hands. But really, it seems like you guys have an issue in your shipping department where either our order is mis-labeled somehow, or people just aren’t paying attention. Probably something worth looking into, in your (cough) copious spare time (cough).

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life, already in progress.


dibs… I’ll pay shipping.


Yep, that’s usually how it works. :wink: [/smartass]

Prior experience has shown that 7 bottles fit perfectly in one small priority mail box, and all 28 can fit in a single medium sized box, if memory serves. So if you want em all… I think is was something like $13 to anywhere in the USA. Feel free to throw in a couple bucks for my trouble if you’re feeling generous. =) I’ll let you know the correct amount exactly once they’re on their way.

PM me an address and I’ll take care of it ASAP. maybe tomorrow… maybe. If not, then definitely early next week. Oh and hopefully you can do Paypal. If not we’ll have to sort something else out.


Crazy world. I actually got a vegan order instead of regular soylent for my one week (I ordered a week + a month). I’ve been putting off thinking about how to deal with that. Any tips?


You’ve gotten three orders of Soylent shipped to you?

Boy I wish I could just get one!


I think I’ve read somewhere on the forum that adding olive oil to the soylent perceptibly changes the taste? Can you comment on that?


It’s the new no-kill fish oil. Overweight fish have started seeking out human doctors for liposuction. After the operation, the clinics get the oil certified by the vegan council and sell it to food manufacturers.


with enough to spare to make a kickstarter for soylent brownies… :wink:


Hah… well considering I’m only likely to end up making a couple batches, I won’t have to spare all that much! :wink:


i mean it’s not a jab at you or anything, not like you control your shipments lol. my friend is no different, they sent his first 2 reorders so early, he has 2 boxes, each with a month of soylent in them, sitting in his closest


Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how to stagger subscriptions so that we get a steady flow of Soylent, but don’t end up with an ever-growing surplus. I mean sure I could always sell off any excess but it’s one more thing to have to do. Oh well… of all the problems I could be facing, this is one I think I can manage.


indeed, it’s a “good” problem to have haha


Yep as a friend of mine once said… “High quality problems…”


I just found the smallest set of subscriptions that meets the intake of my fiance and myself, and will just cancel one of my subscriptions once every 6 months and reorder the month after. If you leave yourself 2-4 weeks of buffer, it should keep you steadily supplied without drowning in boxes of Soylent.


im just going to do a 1 month subscription and let it come every month. after i have about 3 month surplus, i will just cancel my subscription and then start it back up after 3 months.


still not a solution, their whole reasoning for pushing early backers who ordered lower amounts to the back was so that people who ordered large amounts WOULDN’T NEED to be resupplied for a decent amount of time. the fact they send out reorders so insanely early, makes no sense and completely goes against their reasoning for the original backer delay


Yeah that could work… and maybe by then they’ll have a “pause” button for subscriptions.


Could you explain why my ideas is not a solution to “trying to figure out how to stagger subscriptions so that we get a steady flow of Soylent, but don’t end up with an ever-growing surplus”?

The reorders are coming out as the backers order them. Both Vanclute and myself have gone through our initially ordered supplies and so need to order more. We didn’t need to reorder until our supplies ran out. So nothing about this contradicts the reasoning for their prioritization. We reordered later than we would have, had we ordered a smaller amount.


it’s a solution for you, for sure. but i meant more so as to why soylent ships reorders so insanely early, enough so they people are starting to have a stock pile of them even when they only order a months worth of reorder. please explain why my friend, who ordered 2 months worth of soylent originally, has 2+ boxes of soylent sitting in his closest? they sent him his monthly subscription order before he even finished the first month of soylent. so he has a stockpile of soylent, while others have waited over a year for 1-3 weeks of it.


Because Rosa Labs isn’t tracking the rate at which your friend is consuming it. They just know someone ordered a subscription intended to be shipped every 28 days. So they ship that every 28 days. Its up to the customer to change how much they ordered to fit how much they consume.

My post was purely in response to Vanclute who was trying to tailor his supply to his consumption. So I’m rather confused as to why you seem to be arguing with me over a different issue than that one I was addressing.