Shipped order missing

Hello all, I know that no one can really help me on here with this issue, but I’ve now tried emailing twice, and have not gotten any response whatsoever in over 24 hours. Compared to receiving a response to an inquiry a month ago within 5 minutes of my emailing, I’m quite frustrated at this point, so I figured if I brought my issue here, maybe it would gain some actual attention.

I placed my order for a subscription on July 27th after a trial run of one month prior, which was incredible in every way. Communication, as mentioned, was prompt and thorough, my order itself arrived in a mere 2 business days, and being on soylent was a dream come true for me. I have always had a poor diet and eating habits due to various reasons that I have tried to fix, but have been unsuccessful, and so soylent changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe.

So, here we are, August 5th, and I have no sign of my order showing up. The site states a shipping date of the 27th, and gives me the shipping order ID, but of course, no tracking number with a courier is ever displayed anywhere, or was given to me, so I can’t even try to confirm on my own what the issue is. At this point, though, I am out of my supply of soylent, and the effects are hitting me very hard, which you can imagine, have been very problematic for me in all areas of my life.

If anyone is seeing this that can perhaps do something about it, I would be endlessly appreciative. Soylent changed my life, and not having it is putting me right back to where I started, and if this is going to be a problem every single month, then I’m going to have to cancel my subscription, and investigate other, more reliable, options, which is extremely unfortunate, as I like everything soylent has on offer.

So you’ve looked at your account?

No clues there?

Have you been using one email address? It’s possible messages to you are going to a different address. I had that problem when I used PayPal and at first they automatically switched to a PayPal address I never voluntarily use.

You do get a tracking number when the shipment is scheduled.

Maybe someone in the company will check on this.

I hope your shipment is on the way.

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I should add a bit of info to clarify, since Soylent isn’t taking PayPal at the moment, and I don’t ascribe to the credit card wielding lifestyle, a friend of mine has been proxy ordering for me, so I am not directly receiving the emails and info, nor do I have direct access to the account. However, the first order we placed was successfully received without issue, so I know it isn’t a problem with handling things that way.

But, that said, we did receive an email with tracking info in it the first time, but this time, my friend is unable to confirm whether such an email was received or not, as they evidently put all mail to this particular account in junk first and move things out as needed, or something to that effect.

However, they did send me a screenshot of the account page, which clearly shows on the right that the order was shipped to my address, same as the first order (which is shown beneath it) and that it was shipped on July 27th and gives us the shipping order ID. Which, to me, sounds as if it were shipped out on that date, so I’d imagine that tracking info should have gone out… I guess at this point, I’ll have to sit tight and hopefully when the contact team isn’t being inundated with inquiries about 2.0 (as I assume this is the reason for the delays this time) and hope they can provide the tracking info again, so I can try to get this sorted.

Really hoping I didn’t just somehow not get the delivery notice and that it’s already been returned to sender, or worse, someone else has managed to pick the package up…

Thanks everyone.

I have almost the exact same problem! I placed my order, heard nothing for 3 weeks. Emailed Soylent. The response was fast. They said they looking into my order and the excuse was a “shipping address problem”. The didn’t have a problem charging my credit card though. I received an email with shipping information and the order was received today. The problem is, it isn’t what I ordered!! Which tells me they didn’t spend much time “looking into” my order.

What did you order and what did you receive?

Neither do I, which is why I picked up a debit card for just this sort of occasion :slight_smile:

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This is what I ordered:
Your Order (15408)
3x 28 Bags (112+ Meals)

This is what I was told was sent:
The following items were included in this shipment:
12 x 7 Soylent v1.5 pouches (1WK-V5)

What we actually received were two individual FedEx boxes with 6 pouches in each. 12 bags in total which is strange because Soylent is sold in increments of 7.

My bank doesn’t offer a combined visa debit (I live in Canada, debit cards for us have existed forever, but they only access your bank account and didn’t work as credit cards until very recently), so that doesn’t work for me, either.

Regardless, though, it doesn’t change the fact that I still haven’t received my order, nor have I gotten an explanation as to what is going on, and the latter is the more infuriating part.

They certainly have my address correct because I received my first order without issue, so I am truly at a loss as to what is going on this time.

Considering just sending constant email inquiries in the hope that at least one of them gets some kind of actual reply. Beginning to have my doubts about the company’s trustworthiness.

Well email is the right way to go about it, they have a large customer service team and get back quickly nowadays. Are you pinging them from the email account that’s signed up for the subscription account through your friend’s credit card?

No, I’d been trying to make this whole situation as easy as possible for my friend, so I’ve been emailing them myself (which I’d done a month ago and got a reply within an hour, which is why I thought it would work this way this time). I’ve just asked my friend to try and contact them on my behalf using her registered email though, and I’ll keep things posted as to whether she gets a response or not.

I still haven’t even gotten any reply whatsoever since I emailed them on Tuesday evening.

This is probably why you haven’t received a response, because the email account you’ve been using registers to them as a non-customer account, and the person who received your email last time was able to do something about it while the person receiving it this time couldn’t figure it out or was unable to for some reason.

I can’t say these kind of hiccups have been unusual for RL in the past, but they have since they got their extra warehouses and expanded CS team up. You’re getting an 8-day bump in the road… I’m jealous, my first order of 1.1 when they had a crash test dummy for CS team and a single drunk trucker filling 6 months of backlog took, well, 6 months :stuck_out_tongue: way back in the crowdfunding days there used to be an enormous wait time for new subscribers, but once you got your first shipment the rest came on time. That wait time shrunk to a couple days since then, maybe you’re experiencing a resurgence.

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Those both mean the same thing, either way you’re getting 84 pouches of Soylent, so they did say that they shipped what you ordered.

[quote=“Joza_MacKay, post:8, topic:22919”]What we actually received were two individual FedEx boxes with 6 pouches in each. 12 bags in total…

This is strange however, and I would expect it was an issue that came up in transit, not from them when they shipped. I would also expect the CS team to make this right for you, email them again and let them know what you received vs what you ordered. How did the packaging look?

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PM me your email ASAP and i’ll see the status of your ticket.

I don’t tag @Soylent. It does not notify me via email.

The package dimensions were 26x20x5 which is what the FedEx ticket shows. So FedEx picked it up that way. It also shows the weight as 52 pounds. 6 packages of Soylent must weight 10 at the most. Someone at the fulfillment center screwed up.
I tried to post a picture here of what we received but it didn’t work.
I emailed Mr.Rhinehart who responded very quickly. Customer service hasn’t responded though.

Yeah obviously something went horribly wrong at some point. It’s already strange that you received less than what you ordered, but remarkable that you received two boxes of six pouches each. It’s like, what? :tired_face: I’m assuming the boxes were sealed and not tampered with in transit?

And when you say they were in individual FedEx boxes, were there Soylent boxes inside the FedEx boxes, or just bags? I’ve always received my Soylent bags in Soylent boxes as well.

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Tampering also isn’t always obvious, tape is cheap and boxes are easy to seal back up. It doesn’t need to be nefarious tampering either, these boxes are heavy, heavy boxes have a tendency to break in transit, contents spill and sometimes don’t make it back into the box (maybe not seen or damaged). All shipping companies make it a common practice to tape up boxes along the way as needed.

If there was an issue in transit FedEx could have easily delivered what was remaining of the shipment. If it was legitimate damage they may have a note of it if contents were known damaged or lost, but if it was theft they wouldn’t know.

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Piggybacking on what @wezaleff said:

This has something to do with Canada, perhaps? In the United States, FedEx ships, but the packaging is boxes from RFI manufacturing, not official FedEx boxes.

So, spitballing here: either the manufacturing plant in Canada utilized FedEx boxes, meaning they shipped out incorrect batches of 6 bags instead of the standard 7; or the manufacturing plant shipped out your order in their box, but the boxes were damaged in transit by FedEx, who then just grabbed as many bags as they could and repackaged in fresh FedEx boxes (@kennufs’ theory).

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Thank you to all for the help on this issue, my friend finally got a reply from a representative and confirmed the issue somehow was related to an incomplete address. Which is strange seeing as my first order was delivered to the exact same address without issue, but at least now things are being done to correct it.