Shipping address confirmation email. August


Just received email about confirmation of address for August order.

Dear Soylent customer,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have worked as quickly as possible to meet the overwhelming demand for Soylent.

Please help us make sure we send your Soylent order to the right place - please confirm your address before Wednesday, 1/28.

We will be shipping your Soylent to:

10135 Gate Parkway North Apt #407
Jacksonville, FL, US

If this is the correct address, you don’t need to do anything. You will receive an email in the
next few weeks once your Soylent ships.

I have and had my correct address on the chargebee portal and in the confirmation email about the initial order (back in August).

I have discovered that I was moved to other city in their shipping system, while still have correct address in shipping and billing parts of the subsciprion portal.
Gee! Why would you ask subscription customers to match their addresses in email if all of them have access to chargebee and can verify there!
Moreover while importing data from chanrgebee it seems I was mixed up with somebody from Jacksonville!

@Soylent , Please cross-check the lists of your shipping system with provided shipping address in chargebee for subscription customers. You should find that I’m not only one who was moved to other city.

Dear guy from apartment #407, If you will receive my Soylent - send it to me :slight_smile: I will be happy to send somebody’s else Soylent to him if I would receive wrong package :smiley:


Check this thread


Got the same email (all data correct). The Wednesday 1/28 date is interesting… Does that imply they are prepping to ship a large batch of orders on/after the 28th?


Also got the email. Can’t wait!


Looks like they are going to shoot a lot of shipments in the last days of January. Good to hear that my waiting time will be around 5 month :slight_smile:


@melquam @Ivan92116 @Fluffy @SergiiMiami @brett_k… Did you all get the 1/28/15 date in your letter? When was your initial order? (Mine was 8/19/14)


I also was one of many who got an incorrect address email, then a correction address email with my correct address. Mine said 1/28 was deadline to make a change.

I placed my order on 8/13/2014, and have not yet received another email about shipping details


Yep 1/28. Original order date 8/26/14


I ordered 8/19/14 as well. It seems all is in order. Things are slow. It happens. Good things are coming. Careful planning and patience win the day. We are on the final lap friends!


Yep 1/28. Original order date 8/20/14


Seems like they are now serving the August orders. Nice to see some movement over there.

One more month for me I hope