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Soylent lover here!

I placed my third order on the 14th of last month using the same e-mail address and payment method I have always used. If I look at my statement I see I was charged. Having not received an e-mail with a tracking number I used the contact form on the site providing all required information on the 31st of last month. I got the confirmation for that but still no response.

Are the e-mail replies just backed up? Normally I would just put it out of my mind for a while but I have found that Soylent helps tremendously (seriously, the stuff is magic) with a health problem that adversely effects my employability. I had figured, with the posted shipping schedule for existing customers, I would be fine. I am starting to feel like I am having a problem again and really need to get this sorted out for my own well being.

Any insights or recent experiences everyone is having would be appreciated. My next order is going to be the 28-bag pack so this does not happen again!


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Emails seem to typically be slow, so posting here should help. They seem to respond in the forum at least once a week.

You should be aware also that there seems to be about a 2 week shipping delay for most reorders from the date of payment. I know you’re already beyond that time-frame, but just something to keep in mind going forward.


Thank you for the information, @kennufs.

I just got an e-mail about a shipping label being created which included a tracking number. Funny thing is when I check out said tracking number online it says the package was already delivered on 2014/11/13. I compared this to my last orders tracking number which came during this same time period but was never updated itself. It should also be noted that the order numbers for the various e-mails (order confirmation, order shipping) do not match up. The order numbers and tracking numbers are all mixed up, it seems, and I still have no idea when to expect what.

Is the most recent e-mail I received accurate? Should I be expecting to receive my order within the next ~week? What is going on? I really, really wish someone from the company would contact me if only to tell me they got my messages. This lack of communication is frustrating.


Other people have gotten the “phantom” shipping emails as well.


This order was placed over one month ago and they have taken my money. I still have not received my product. I have tried to contact them via their contact form. I have tried to them via this forum. No one is responding. Is there another avenue on which I should be contacting this company? It has been nearly two weeks since I sent my first forum message.

I do not know what to do next. I would be willing to wait if I could just get some official communications. This silence fills me with unease and distrust. I greatly appreciate all the helpful people but I need discourse from Soylent themselves. About to call my bank and have them yank the funds.

On the one hand I need my Syolent for a medical problem, on the other I feel like I am being taken for a ride. What is going on, @Soylent? I want nothing more than to continue buying. I am begging here.


I was contacted by Soylent this morning via e-mail and I appreciate it. I understand that there are some issues with the whole tracking/ordering system that needs to be worked out. Hopefully this all gets sorted out ASAP.

Will try to remember to keep this thread updated with my findings.


Just got an e-mail confirming that my order will be shipping within the next one to two weeks.


They responded to me exactly the same days as you. Maybe they only allocate so much time each week to answer emails?

August 13th here!


Just got an e-mail stating my shipping label has been printed. I am so relieved!


Me too! And it’s estimated to arrive tomorrow! The silence was bad and all the negative PR could have been avoided if they just let us know about their proprietary vitamin blend mix-up much sooner but I am glad that it’s been cleared up and that things are moving forward.


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