Shipping cost USA to europe: Breaking soylent into 6 ingredients


Looking at:

You can see that soylent has roughly 6 different ingredients:

  1. Maltodextrin (165 gram)
  2. Oat flour (110 gram)
  3. Brown Rice Protein Isolate (102 gram)
  4. Oil (canola oil/fish oil blend)
  5. Vitamin and Mineral blend ( +/- 21 gram)
  6. Additives (Gum Acacia, Lectichin, Artificial flavors, Xanthan Gum, Sucrolose)

The total weight of this a little bit less than 0.5 a kg. That is around 13 kg for 28 days.

I looked at some prices if I would want to ship such a 13 kg box to europe.
But it seems like this would cost me around 150-350 dollar.
I think the same problem will arise if soylent want to ship internationally. I mean, for some guy in pakistan, or india, or wherever. This shipping price may become ridiculously expensive, mainly because the boxes are so big and heavy because of the following 4 ingredients:

  1. Maltodextrin (165 gram)
  2. Oat flour (110 gram)
  3. Brown Rice Protein Isolate (102 gram)
  4. Oil (canola oil/fish oil blend)

But those ingredients are actually easily to get allmost everywhere in the world. They are easy to get and it is easy to measure the right amount. The thing that makes soylent special are the following:

  • Vitamin and Mineral blend ( +/- 21 gram)
  • Additives (Gum Acacia, Lectichin, Artificial flavors, Xanthan Gum, Sucrolose)

Those 2 are very hard to get in exactly the right amounts. I mean weighing every mineral and vitamin is not what you want to do every day. Those are the 2 ingredients that make soylent so special. But those ingredients weigh allmost nothing. If it would be possible to only order those 2 ingredients internationally, shipping would become much and much cheaper.


I think what they will have to do is sell franchises in each country, and bring it in by the container load. As long as there is enough demand to do a container every 6 months in a given country it’s just a matter of a local distributer warehousing it and delivering it from there.

Either that, or hire frieght forwarders who do the same thing for a fee.

Places like Europe could handle regions eg France/Germany/Switzerland.

And for a really novel approach, rosa labs could rent warehouses in each country/region and ship containers full of product to each one. Workers get free board and “sustinence”, in return for a few hours a day slapping stickers on boxes and waiting for the courier to arrive. Who’s in, who wants to join the team?

Disclaimer: the last one was a joke. I do not represent rosa labs, or wish suggest they would run a sweatshop. It just seemed like a novel way to solve a problem of distribution needing to be done and people desperate for soylent!


That would definitely simplify things for sure. Making those two ingredients available separately would allow much of the refinement of the finished product to extend to the DIY market.


I tag @JulioMiles as I’m very interested if soylent have plans for selling the Vitamin and Mineral blend + Additives seperately one day.


Shipping just within Canada
45 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm, 15 kg (18"x8"x8", 33 lbs)
C$37 shipping.

USPS, shipping to Canada. Using same dimensions and weight as above.

Either create a mini package of the vitamins & nutrients to be mixed with the larger bulk items that people can buy locally, as suggested. Or the other suggestion of distributors in each country.
There is also another option of having Soylent sold at health food stores.

With shipping costs for the full product, sent from USA, I find it too expensive to be bothered with Soylent.

Note, I don’t know the actual shiiping dimensions. I just picked some numbers. Beyond a certain size, I don’t think the dimensions matter anymore.


Remember though that the protein is special, there is a single supplier that can create it with the right consistency so it is not too gritty. That would not be available almost anywhere.