Shipping date of Pre-Orders?


Any ideas yet on the expected shipping date for people who’ve pre-ordered Soylent?

They have said August but is that the beginning of the month or closer to the end of the month?


As you might have guessed, the reason we didn’t make the ship date more specific than “August” was that at this point we’re not sure when in the month we’ll be shipping. I expect we’ll be shipping near the end of the month, but things have been going pretty smoothly so there’s a chance it will be earlier. I know the logistical vagaries are frustrating for you guys, and I look forward to sharing more concrete information once we get closer to August!


Would be nice if it were at the beginning but I agreed for it to be at any point in August when I put my money down for an ‘August’ deliver date with no specifics.

If it goes outside of August (and anything is possible), then we shall see what the response is :slight_smile:


When do we give our shipping addresses for the crowdfunding pre-orders?


Cool, so just to be clear the “Pre-orders” placed after the crowdfunding had been completed are considered the “first batch” slated for August? I placed my order July 19th and didn’t know if I fell into the first batch or second batch.

I’ll live if I’m second batch due to my late arrival but would love to be included in the first batch. :smiley:


Is there a limited amount one can order?
Without giving too much information, I live in a third world country and currently manufacture juices. I think this is an excellent product that will help people of my country save money on food.

Looking forward to a response.