Shipping Delayed to mid April, Backerkit lockdown now 3/31, Delay is Official


I just logged into Backerkit, the lockdown date has changed to 3/31… last I knew it was set at 3/01 when the shipping was moved to mid March after the last delay.

I hope I’m wrong here, though I don’t think I am, but I expect this means shipping has been delayed at least another month.

@juliomiles or @rob can you please shed some light in this? What’s the latest on the rice shipment? An update would be appreciated, thanks.


Looking more and more like the new shipping date is set for mid April, and that they have known about the delay since at least last Wednesday. @juliomiles please get an update out to us.

Here is a presentation given by @rob on 2/26 during the 2014 Launch Festival, where he says, “We’ll be shipping in six weeks…” That doesn’t jive with the mid March ship date given in the most recent update.

This is a long video, the Soylent presentation begins at about the the 1:11:30 mark, the shipping statement is at about 1:13:10…

A couple of unrelated notes…

The v1.0 Soylent seemed to go over well. :slight_smile:

Those of you hoping for vegan Soylent may like that Rob said it will soon be fully vegan.

The other product presented, Hampton Creek also looks interesting.

Edit again:

Julio posted below, see his reply at post 14.

He said they are… planning on selectively locking down orders… and… there are currently no updates to the previous projection…

How about a show of good faith soylent?
Is there still no sxsw footage?

I would like to know more about this as well.


Well if it is delayed yet again I will finally try try my own DIY, although another delay would be unfortunate.


I started DIY’ing almost two months ago, and I don’t regret it for a moment. After the January delivery was delayed I jumped in, it has made it where delays no longer matter much to me, although they are disappointing. I will be like a giddy little school girl when it finally hits my doorstep, even if I do decide to stick with my own mix.


See edit in the OP.

Watch a presentation given by @rob on 2/26, go to 1:13:10 for his shipping statement.


Excellent post! I’ve been waiting to see that. Thanks! Way to go @rob!!! That was incredible. It was so good to see Soylent on the world stage. I expect there will be a lot more of that in the coming months. Looking forward to what the future brings for Soylent.


Something else to note, he mentions during the presentation that v1.0 is heat stable, and can be baked/cooked. I don’t remember them specifically stating that before, but maybe I just missed it.


There has been a lot of speculation about Sucralose on this forum ever since it was announced as an ingredient in Soylent. It has come up in some of the threads that it could be dangerous to consume after heating but I guess Rob doesn’t think so.


The makers of Splenda market it as a baking sugar substitute.


The formula keeps changing and I just wanted the original. At one point they added an ingredient that I can’t even have. There is always time to create more specified diet versions, but that doesn’t mean you don’t ship the product that was paid for just because it wasn’t personalized for every single person. There are too many people invested to make it perfect for everyone


Time to get a refund.

There’s no business model here. There’s no accountability. How can I have confidence in a food product if I have no confidence in the people making it? If they’re screwing up their business and screwing with their pre-paid customers, how can I ever be sure they aren’t screwing up the food?

I should have run out of my original order months ago and ordered four or five more waves, yet I’ve got nothing while Soylent dicks around and gets nowhere.


unsynchronized – your behavior is counter-productive and damaging to Soylent and Rosa Labs. Let them speak for themselves. You don’t work for them, so don’t try to speak for them, especially not this hateful invective speech against their customers. Whatever “good” you think you’re doing, I guarantee you’re doing exactly the opposite.


The backerkit “lockdown” date is really just a soft deadline used to spur backers to complete their surveys by a certain time. We are planning on selectively locking down orders based on their size/date – ie, orders shipping first will be locked down before orders further down in the queue.

I just changed the lockdown date to the 31st as an arbitrary measure, there are currently no updates to the previous projection that has the first orders shipping by late-march.

Soylent Weekly Update 2/22

@JulioMiles: Are things still on track for having enough stock to enable immediate-reordering? I’m 99% sure I’m going to be a very happy customer, but I’m still the experimental type, so I ordered a two-week supply to start with. That’s been reduced to a one-week supply in practice because I have half a dozen friends who have been clamoring for me to give them a day of Soylent when I get mine - I’ve been blabbing about it for months and people are intrigued. :smiley: I’d like to not have to wait another couple of weeks to resupply, if possible. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Scruffy​​Squirrel: Sweet, more for us! :smiley:


Thanks Julio, please keep regular updates coming. When there is a communication vacuum it induces community speculation. :wink:

A few follow up questions:

Is the rice supplier confirming they are still on schedule for delivery?

How close to shipping will you be charging the Backerkit orders? i.e. 3 days before, 7 days before, etc.

Will the add on items be shipping at the same time as the Soylent? Are those items already in stock and ready to go?


Just to shed some potential light on

I figure any shipping announcements given now are going to be relative to new orders; there wouldn’t really be a lot of use in saying “we’re shipping initial backers in three weeks, but if your order now we should be shipping new orders in about six”. The presentation is targeted toward people who haven’t heard of it yet, and those people are probably more interested in their own ship date than the backer option they’ve already missed.

This is just my own assumption, but it does track logically :stuck_out_tongue:


From the 2/11 update"Under this updated production schedule, they are predicting that packaging will begin on or around March 20, which means that the first shipments of Soylent would be made to campaign backers by the last week of March." I think we are still on target for the last week of March.


I hope so, I know a lot of folks are anxious to get their chow on. Part of my angst is that they have not given a production/shipping update since 2/11. Everything they have been saying here and on the blog since then is a very vague non answer, the no update, updates. Political answers rather than real answers.

They should know if the rice is on track, but they aren’t willing to tell us what they know. My gut says it is on track or close to it, but it would be nice for them to give direct answers. Especially since they said they would.

The only response I have actually seen from them since 2/11 with a time frame was to someone on Twitter yesterday. He has a one month order from July, they told him to expect shipping in early April. Presumably he will be among the first orders received, as they have said that month orders take priority, which tells me those with smaller orders should expect mid April.


If I recall correctly, wasn’t July within the first batch of “pre-order” rather than the initial backer stage? I remember that I backed in the last few days of the campaign, and my crowdtilt receipt is from June.

As of Julio’s earlier post in this thread, it sounded like the initial backer orders were still on-track for end-of-month shipment.


I’m not sure when the cutoff was. I remember when they first said that order size took priority in shipping a few people got riled up and asked if initial backers would get priority over later pre-orders, but I don’t recall that they ever got an answer.