Shipping delays just cost me an appearance on HuffPost


I was scheduled to be on HuffPost Live today at 2:00pm ET to talk about living on Soylent (according to the only shipping schedule we’ve seen I should have been on Soylent for at least a week now), but since Soylent hasn’t shipped, it looks like I’m going to be canceled. I’m seriously disappointed as this is something I have wanted to do for awhile.

Maybe if @JulioMiles isn’t busy he’d be interested in coming on with me and then doing a “before” piece with a customer and a follow-up “after”?



In the event that @JulioMiles doesn’t save the day, I thought I’d pass along the names of some of the people who HAVE had a chance to try Soylent. I can’t guarantee that they’ll take me up on it, but if they do, would @leecauble1 or @vanclute be interested in being on HuffPost Live this afternoon? I’d be happy to put you in touch with my contact.


That’s pretty rough on notice for anyone at all.
Have you tried contact points outside of discourse.soylent to get in contact with Julio?
I know he’s at least got a twitter account, too.

I know it’s a bit redundant to send messages to him across the board but you’re pressed for time on this and he’s probably got tons of flagged messages on here.


I haven’t been 100% Soylent but I’ve been about 90% for a week, wouldn’t mind talking to whoever wants to talk about it. Not familiar with HuffPost, I thought that was just a blog?


Check it out here:

PM me your best contact (email or phone) and I’ll pass it along.


As this has to do with a journalist, not sure why you didnt coordinate with the solyent team directly. This forum is certainly not the right place to work that out. Most businesses have a media coordinator.


They contacted me after getting radio silence from Soylent’s press contact channel.


Im going with that they are a little busy… persistence and lots of emails to get through.


I’ve contacted them through multiple channels to let them know that I’m not going to be able to do the interview now and asked if they’d like to step in. I’ve also recommended @vanclute and @leecauble1 as alternative interviewees since they have received shipments, so we’ll see what happens.


oh gawd. @vanclute has become the jester…er uh…i mean defacto representative of all the purchasers. gawd help us…

haha. j/k I think @vanclute 's energy would be perfect.


LOL not what I would’ve volunteered for 2 weeks ago, but after feeling this good for a week, how could I not want every chance to rave about this?? =)


I am glad they want to talk to some regular individual rather than the company since that’s not going to be marketing spin. It’s normal for the press to want to go to the street for stories. Good luck to whoever does it.


Just got an response from Team Soylent:

Hi Carlton,

I’m really sorry that you haven’t gotten your Soylent yet. We’re working as fast as possible to get everyone their shipments.

I’m also sorry that this has had a negative impact on your plans with HuffPo Live. They did reach out to us directly earlier this week and we decided to prioritize other publications for now. Per your discourse post, it seems like you already know that, though! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your support and we appreciate your willingness to share your Soylent experiences with a broader audience. We truly appreciate your passion for the product!

We also appreciate your patience as we ship out the Soylent pre-orders - please know that we are going as fast as humanly possible!

Thanks again for reaching out,


So I guess we’ll see if HuffPo reaches out to either of the recommendations I passed along.

Aaaand back to your regularly scheduled Soylent waiting game…


That’s interesting. It’s always been Julio responding to all of my emails (there have been many). I wonder if they’ve just recently hired some more help?


Julio did tell me the other day that they had just hired a new customer service person to help them get through the backlog of emails. So maybe that’s this Ana person…