Shipping delays post-thanksgiving?


I ordered my first ever order of Soylent about a week ago, and the status has been stuck at “Preparing For Shipment” for over a week now. I placed my order on Dec 1st, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Has anyone else who placed an order around this time received their order, or should I be expecting some delays due to high volume around Thanksgiving?


Super curious now – does anyone know if sales actually went up before thanksgiving? That’d be a beautiful kind of irony.


My last two orders were on November 25th and December 6th. I received the first order on November 28th and the second order is projected to arrive on December 10th.

I was going to say you may want to email, but I know they ship from at least two locations in the US (CA and PA) and at least one location in Canada. All my recent shipments have been sent from PA (which is closer geographically to me than CA), so I can only speak for deliveries from that location. I suppose it’s possible one of the other locations has a backlog and PA does not.


I’m in southern California myself, so maybe that distribution center is more impacted than yours.


I ordered mine after T-day also, no problems here. (San Francisco)


I ordered on the 30th. Got my shipping label on Dec. 4th but it hasn’t been picked up by fedex yet and it’s already the 10th.


Thanksgiving had no effect - I experienced no shipping delays at all back in October. :wink:


That’s strange. I’ve been waiting a week and a half now, and the shipping status hasn’t changed once in that time.


I wish we could get an answer “behind the scenes” about the shipping delays. Otherwise, we have to speculate. It seems like the “shipping label created” part tends to happen fairly quickly, and then things just sit around for awhile. It seems perhaps that Soylent has some kind of shipping agreement with their providers where the provider has a lot of leeway on when they actually ship things.

For example, perhaps they only ship things in very large batches, waiting for orders to build up and then doing a bunch at once for efficiency. Or, the shipments are on “standby” almost like an airline passenger might be, only getting shipped (getting a seat on the flight) when there is excess capacity in the system. Either way, it most likely seems like a cost-savings measure.

Anyways, that’s my speculation on why the shipments can be so slow. If it is just a cost thing, I wish they would provide an “expedited shipping” option, for those times when customers need it so that they can pay more for faster shipping (forgot to order more, ran out unexpectedly, or just really excited to try out the product.)

Anyways, this post brought to you by my order sitting in “Label Created” since Monday, and hoping it arrives by next Friday, so it doesn’t sit outside my apartment door for a week+ while I’m on holiday vacation.


Is “Label Created” before or after “Processing for Shipment” in the process? It sounds like its after.


On the Soylent website, my status says “Preparing for shipment.” And then I also got an email and link on Soylent website to (Track Package) to a FedEx tracking number where the only status update is “Label created.” If your order has not gotten that far and it has been that long, I would definitely email their customer service or use the 'Report a Problem" button next to the order on the Soylent site.


FYI, my last order got to Label Created on 11/10/15, and then didn’t move until the next FedEx status update on 11/19/15 (it finally arrived 11/24/15.)


Yeah, things are buggy. Here’s a screenie of my orders:

Note that I did receive my Nov. 7 order on time. :confused:


If you have any shipping problems reach out to our CS team:

We have logistics staff answering any emails about delays. Most orders are going out with no issue, but occasionally there are delays. I know it’s frustrating, you are all welcome to reach out to myself as well. All I ask is that before you contact me you submit a ticket to our CS team so I can monitor it.


All my recent orders have been really fast:

Ordered Dec 6 (Sunday), shipped Dec 7, arrived Dec 10.
Ordered Nov 25, shipped Nov 25, arrived Nov 28.
Ordered Oct 24 (Saturday), shipped Oct 26, arrived Oct 29.

I used to get shipments from CA and PA, but everything comes from PA now. The only “delayed” shipment I’ve had (all year? back to March at least) was my 2.0 pre-order; although I didn’t order anything during the downtime, so maybe I’m just lucky.


@Conor I’m about to hit two weeks since I placed my order and had concerns about my shipment being delayed or lost during packaging. I emailed about my order, #50205 thru but got an automated response. Would you be able to monitor my ticket/email from there too or do you suggest I email also?

Thanks in advance!


Did your status on fedex change yet?


Could you PM me with the email you used to submit your ticket, that is how I look them up.


My Fedex status has changed to in transit, so it looks like the delays have been resolved.