Shipping delays


My monthly Soylent subscription was supposed to ship Oct. 13. I contacted Customer service and they responded quickly that my order would be delayed another week (almost 3 weeks total) due to high demand. I’ve been a monthly subscriber of Soylent powder for 4 years. Seems like long time subscribers like me should receive their monthly subscription at the same time every month. Do you agree?


They are probably extremely aware of the situation at this point. I’m sure they are doing everything they can to remedy this situation. On the bright side, maybe there is something they can learn from this current problem so that we don’t have to experience this problem again in the future.

There is also a post about this shipping delay on Reddit located here.

I have contacted support multiple times but the only thing they can tell me is to continue waiting. So unfortunately, we are all stuck in the same boat of waiting for 1.9 Original. I’m sure there are other products that are having shipping delays as well.


Mine has been delayed as well and I basically got the same message from customer support.

I want to say that I believe that long term customers should be given special consideration, but I don’t believe that. I’m in a similar boat to you, and I get that it sucks - it’s been pretty inconvenient for me personally. But I do believe that they should be prepared for this kind of thing. At the very least they should let us know that there will be delays so that we can be prepared.


From a Realpolitik point of view, long term customers are more likely to continue their subscriptions after a delay. It’s short term users who are likely to switch to another product. So short term users should get priority.


I went to cancel my order today out of frustration but apparently they couldn’t because it is already preparing for shipment.

Here is a small snippet of the e-mail I received:

We apologized for the inconvenience it may have caused. Upon checking your order#[redacted], it is already preparing for shipment. The estimated delivery is from October 26 - November 1, 2018. Regrettably, it’s too late to cancel this order.

I hope that everyone’s order is also preparing for shipment, especially the long time subscribers. It didn’t show this status update on the website unfortunately. Maybe they are bypassing this step to save on time.


Ordered ten days ago. In the same boat, they need to resolve this asap especially for grandfathered in customers. I’m sure it’ll be resolved. This kind of thing happens, and they have been good for a long while so I’ll give them some more time before contacting them. I’m lucky enough not have run on empty, otherwise maybe I’d feel a little more anxious.


I just received a shipping notification (and I see that FedEx has it) last night for original powder, so hopefully they’ve fixed their issue.


They charged my card 10/12, and didn’t ship until yesterday, 10/25. I’m not impressed. Considering my recent experience with them not sending me a full order of 1.8 when they were transitioning to 1.9, I think it’s time to start looking for some alternatives.

If anyone from Soylent reads this, a 13 day delay between charging a credit card and actually shipping is something you should not let happen. And if it does happen, you should be contacting the customer with an apology and an explanation for why their order is delayed. Remember, this is a subscription and food service. The normal “your order should ship within 4-6 weeks” line should not apply. People depend on Soylent for their daily nutrition. That’s the whole point of your companies existence.


If that is the case it’s really lousy customer service. Short term decisions like that will cost them in the long run.

If long term guys (like me) run out I’ll go try another product. Isn’t Amazon coming out with something?

I’m more into the concept of meal replacement, not doing it just to support Soylent.


Normally my orders ship to me in SoCal from SoCal… ie, overnight. Although sometimes it seems to take a day or more from “label printed” to actually in transit.

My last two orders (plain powder and drink) seem to have shipped from thousands of miles East of here… so 3-4 day transit vs overnight.

Not sure what’s up w/SoCal delivery…