Shipping dimensions


What is the shipping weight and dimensions (width X height X depth) of the one week supply? I pay through my nose for international mail forwarding that could easily double the total price it’s not packed tightly


One week ships in a box about 11x8x6 inches. The weight is about 500gm per pack.


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A week of Soylent is about seven pounds, and a month is thirty pounds.

Older quote on box size

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One week ships in a box about 11x8x6 inches.
The weight is about 500gm per pack for the male formula.So total weight is about 15kg for a month. hope this helps

As @kennufs has provided, the new dimensions are in fact 6x11x21 for a week, or 25x11x21 for a month.

@leecauble1, @vanclute - could you confirm these measurements, as some of the forum’s more active recipients?
I think there might actually be a more recent post on dimensions, but I couldn’t find it with just a quick search.

ooooh, ninja’d while I was searching for the more recent post… Well done @Kryptic


Those must be old numbers from the beta tests.

@dani, I’d go with 6x11x21 for a week, or 25x11x21 for a month. Julio said…


Ah, yeah, that was it. I knew there had been a more recent post, but I wasn’t sure whether it had changed. I’ll edit my older post with a strikethrough to avoid confusion :stuck_out_tongue:



This is what I get from FEDEX:

Dimensions	23x17x13 in.
Weight	15.4 lbs / 6.99 kgs

40% of the weight is packaging? Shipping volume is x 3.5 the volume needed for the actual product?

Soylent, go f*ck yourselves. After a delay of 5 months your “improved” packaging is about to cost me more than the $85 I paid, just in shipping alone.


Those numbers do seem odd. In the Packaging Improvements discussion,there is an image with dimensions of the new packaging vs. old packaging.

Looks like 1-week should be 10.375" x 6.625" x 8.5". Making the dimensions you got from Fedex nearly 4 times too large? Wonder if that’s a data entry error somewhere.


23x17x13 is the old box size, if i’m not mistaken.


I literally just received 1.1. The packaging is very compact! Pictures soon…


My last shipment was out of PA. It was shipped in two boxes with two weeks in each.
FedEx says that the weight of one box (two weeks of Soylent) was 23.5 lbs / 10.66 kgs

The shipped in regular shipping boxes (not the Soylent boxes banded together like shipments from CA).

I wonder if it is possible for the re-shipper to open and re-pack into an appropriate size box to cut down on shipping costs?

One week should be about 12lbs, but if your getting your starter kit I wonder if they put them in the same box.

But, if one week is 12lbs then that means that 80% of the weight is the Soylent.


Here’s a link to the pics:


Is that the box it was shipped in? Or did it come in a bigger box with that inside?


Nope, that’s how it was handed to me by the Fedex guy.


Could be that, too. Would make sense.


I just got my first order of Soylent for one month. They sent 4 1 week boxes and an additional box for the starter kit in a plain regular shipping box. I’m at work so I do not currently have the dimensions, but I can try to find out what it is once I’m home if anyone is interested.