Shipping Information for Powder

Hey, Just looking into getting updated shipping information for the 35 meal/ 7 bag pack of powdered Soylent. I’m looking at using a reshipping service to get it over here in Australia, so I need to know the weight and dimensions of the product.

I use to get Soylent to the UK. I have a package containing four boxes of 1.7 powder at Reship’s warehouse right now!

According to them, its size and weight are:

  • 17.5" x 16.5" x 12"
  • 31 lbs

I guess divide the two shorter lengths by two, and the weight by four, and you should be in the ballpark.

(Although I think your first order still includes a 2-litre pitcher? It’s not very heavy, but I think it’s about as big as a box of Soylent in terms of the space it takes up.)


Sorry for a reply that is not helpful to your question, but I’m really curious: In AUS you have Aussielent, 180 Nutrition, OzSoylent, PrimalKind, and just to your east, One Square Meal and Sipreme. Plus I would imagine it is cheaper to get Huel shipped because no customs on UK exports. So – why go to this trouble to get Soylent?

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That’s ok man! I’m really just trying to weigh all of my options in terms of cost and quality. Soylent is actually cheaper than aussielent and OzSoylent (without shipping, i’m trying to figure out the shipping costs now).

I haven’t heard of the others you mentioned, (I’m very new to the community), but I’ll have a look at them.

The other factor is that soylent has many more positive reviews on it’s products and a big community surrounding the products for advice and support.

I hope this helps!


Thanks! If you compare two or more, be sure to post here or reddit. There are not enough posts about the down-under products.

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Just for reference, here’s me explaining why I specifically wanted Soylent, and not a local alternative: Are you using a reshipper to get Soylent in the UK?

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