Shipping issues


My last few shipments have been problematic - they just sit around waiting to be picked up by FedEx by some 5-7 days. I raised this issue with tech support and they blamed the issue on FedEx, but now a pattern has formed I’m fairly certain that is not the case. My current shipment had a label printed last Thurs 8am, just sitting there.

I’m used to getting packages some 2-3 days after getting a shipment notice, for years now without skipping a beat, but now it’s some 10-12 days so I’ve taken to stocking up prematurely.

Has something major changed with Soylents’ supply chain?


I think there has been a change, but maybe less dramatic than it seems. There has always been misleading info posted when the order is first paid for. The FedEx site at first said that the order will be delivered immediately. Then it changes to pending, then it finally comes. This happened to me last Tuesday, for example. I am still waiting for the order to arrive. This has been going on for years, as a very careful search through customer complaints will demonstrate. However, it seems to have gotten worse lately, at the same time that some product shortages were mentioned and the site was revamped.

I can’t believe that FedEx’s official policy is to immediately assure the customer same-day delivery and then wait a week before shipping.

The initial assurance has been going on for years, as I said. But I hope that this is just a clusterfk (technical term) and it will be straightened out soon. Probably Conor would be helpful at this point, if he still worked for the company!


I contacted support for this and I was told it’s because Cacao is too popular. I don’t understand why they would send me a shipment notice for it though…

In any case, ordered the regular yesterday and it’s already shipped and legitimately picked up by FedEx, which is a nice change.

Sorry to hear about your issues with Soylent. For me out here in SoCal I almost always got it within a few days so it’s certainly been a shift for me.


I’m also here in far-off Southern California, in Agoura Hills. Typically, my pay is taken on Tuesday and I get the stuff on Friday or Monday.

This week my problem is with Strawberry.


For the first time, I too, am having these exact shipping problems.

Usually, my shipments arrive from a Philadelphia distribution point in one day.

This time, ordering Strawberry, I have four FedEx Home tracking numbers that were generated on Oct. 2, to be delivered last Saturday. Saturday night the delivery date changed to “unknown.” This particular order appears to be shipping from California.

I wrote to support, but have yet to get an update.


FedEx just updated.

Four Strawberry boxes are now in Bloomington, CA and will be delivered on Friday.


My strawberries are in Sun Valley and should be delivered today, FedEx says they are on the delivery truck.


Similar, same here, 3 days now. unfulfilled


In 3 years I’ve been a Soylent customer I’ve never experience fulfillment orders like this before with them.

It’s been 8 days since my most recent order was placed, and customer service says I should have a shipping notification in another 5-7 business days.


This has twice been a problem for me as well, and each one was from a different warehouse (CA and PA). In both instances I contacted customer service. The first time I waited a week before reporting the issue and subsequently received duplicate shipments, which they graciously allowed me to keep.

The second time I waited slightly longer because I didn’t want to end up accidentally thieving their supply again, but turns out the shipping label was printed and maybe never attached, because it’s still in Pending status last I looked. After putting in the second support request, the shipment came in within two days. Something is funky, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s causing the funk. :man_shrugging:


I got my Strawberry Soylent.So it’s no big deal to me, but there was an unusual delay.


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