Shipping Notifcation


I put my order in on Sept 24 and haven’t received any notifications or responses to my inquires about my order being shipped. Just wondering if there is a backlog or what the issue is, I’m just worried since I’ll be out of the country starting Oct 11. Any info would be appreciated.



They’ve acknowledged there’s some shipping delays at the moment.


Just as a comparison, I placed an order on (Sunday) 20th September, and didn’t get shipping notification until the 26th.

That notification was just to tell me that shipping labels had been printed. Fedex didn’t collect my order until Tuesday 29th September.

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FWIW: I put my order in on the 22nd. My account page on shows my order as shipping on the 24th, but I never received a shipment email. I contacted the team on the 28th and got a response back on the 29th indicating there has been an indefinite delay and thanking me for my patience.

Needless to say, I’m disappointed about the delay, but grateful that they’ve been responsive to my email and the community (



…crap. I really hope that isn’t the case.

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