Shipping of my Soylent was stuck at Fedex due to shipping exception

Hi, I just started my subscription of Soylent this month. But it seems the first pack of my Soylent is stuck at Fedex due to shipping exception. How could it be resolved? Any action I can take to resolve it?

Try calling Fedex and ask what the problem is. You have the tracking number.

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Call them and ask for another attempt, though they should make three even if you don’t, but call anyway just to be sure there’s nothing funky.

A delivery exception typically means they tried to deliver, but no one was home and the driver didn’t feel safe leaving it at your door. If that’s the case you can sign something giving them permission to leave it if you’re not there. We’re you home around two this afternoon?

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You could always click on “customize delivery” and pick one of the options. I was tempted to have them send it to my place. It’s probably not a good idea to post a tracking number in public.


Thanks for the reminder. Just deleted the tracking id.

The issue is according to the status of this tracking id, my soylent is no where near my home.

By ‘nowhere near’ do you mean ‘they shipped to the wrong city/zip code’?