Shipping options in Canada?

Would anyone who still pays attention here know if either of the non-free shipping options on the Canadian ordering site would result in the order being shipped with something other than Canada Post? I sent support an email asking 3 days ago, but haven’t gotten a reply.

My order has been in Canada Post’s hands for 2 weeks, and was originally scheduled for delivery on the 8th, and now just says “delivery pending” and if it doesn’t show up this week, I’ll run out. Pretty disappointing for something should be considered essential.

I feel you.
I live in Montreal and it’s the second one that is over 12 days late.
In fact, the first 2 boxes I order day 1 of Canada delivery I got it 19 days later than stated dates on Canada Post website.

They ship it from Mississauga and they had a Covid outbreak.
This led to lots of people out of work for 14 days+
All while having a huge burst in demands, similar to Christmas, but with much slower work pace.
They have limited personal on location, social distancing oblige.

So yeah, they are completely overwhelmed.

Sorry, it doesn’t answer you question.
I have no clue if it will be faster through any other delivery services.

Yeah, I get that they’re totally slammed and doing what they can, and I have nothing but sympathy for the front line workers. I just figure that Canada Post management could have gotten ahead of all of this in the past few months things have been this way, so that’s where my frustration comes from.

I mostly wanted to see if a forum post might prompt Soylent to respond to my email inquiry, cuz if either of their other shipping options would get me an order via UPS or FedEx or something, then I’d have a chance of getting an order submitted and received by the end of the week. But it’s now end of day Wednesday, so it’s looking like I’ll have to figure out a different solution for food for the next couple of weeks, because I doubt my previous order will show this week, and even if Soylent got around to my inquiry immediately, I don’t imagine the courier companies would get it up here by the weekend, either.

Just sucks for a tough time economically to have my food budget already spent and have to go above and beyond because things are like this. I even ordered earlier than I normally would to give some padding, but I didn’t expect a greater than 2 week delay on the shipping side of things.

Man I don’t know what Soylent support is doing at this point, but I’ve emailed twice about wanting to know if the other shipping options would ship not using Canada Post, and both replies have entirely neglected to answer this question. It was nice that support provided me information that I was already aware of in regards to my shipment and delays resulting from the pandemic, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that they have now twice completely unanswered my actual question.

It feels like Soylent seems to have stopped caring entirely about supporting their customers properly, given how there’s no company voice whatsoever on these forums anymore, and the support service seems entirely robotic and unable to properly answer questions.