Shipping Problems

Is everyone experiencing slow or no shipping from Soylent? Been waiting 20 days for my order to ship. My order still shows UNFULFILLED.

What gives?

Is this normal to wait this long for shipping?

Is there a reason for this slow shipping?

Seems there have been issues of late.

They seem to be all over the map…
I’ve had orders take a week or more just to get the “On It” (aka we charged your credit card) email. Like some cacao powder a few weeks ago after specifically being told that WAS in stock… then of course it could be a week or more to get the “confirmed” (aka we printed a shipping label) email. From there probably a few more days to get it to Fedex then for FedEx to get it to you…

But… most recent data point: upped my plain RTD sub to hit this last Monday… got the “On It” email 1:20am Monday. Got the “Confirmed” email 4pm Tuesday. FedEx dropped it at my door noon today (Thursday). So that’s not so bad.

I do miss the SoCal distribution point, Reno takes an extra day but yeah… first world problems.