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To begin, I decided to try Soylent when Rob appeared on the Colbert Report back in '14, I think. I ordered two weeks worth, and I recall that first time orders take a while to go out, but subsequent orders ship quicker.

Fast forward to now. I decided to hop on the Soylent diet, and ordered my subscription this past Wednesday. I wasn’t expecting to receive the order before the weekend, but when I look at the order status now on Friday, it still says ‘preparing for shipment’ two days later. I tried to read up on this topic a bit, and it seems most people seem to have little to no issue with shipments. Considering that my order hasn’t gone out yet, my anxiety is telling me that perhaps since I haven’t ordered in years that I’ll have to wait months for my first order again, as if I hadn’t ordered prior to this.

Am I just being unnecessarily anxious about this, or should I start annoying customer support?

Yes. Yes.

If you get no shipping email by tonight email Occasionally there is a hiccup between our warehouse and fedex.


Thanks for the replies!

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I can tell you that there seems to be a system issue at the moment where the “Your Account” page isn’t actually updating correctly. For examples, the order before my last one appeared as “preparing for shipment” for about 3 weeks AFTER I had already gotten the order, and my last order, which I got on Tuesday, still appears to be “preparing for shipment”. I’d keep your eye out for the shipping notification email, that seems to still be going out as normal when your order actually ships, and the shipping timeframes now have gotten significantly better than the last time you ordered, so I would be surprised if you don’t see it early next week.

Thanks or the info! Customer support gave me the typical ‘this is the general timeframe for shipments’ response. I still haven’t gotten a shipment email, but this is useful to know!

You might always consider ordering through Amazon. Nobody has better logistics than them, and I think they have the same price and going direct to Rosa. (I get it through Amazon subscribe and save, which I think is even a little bit cheaper than Rosa).

You’ve piqued my interest if it’s cheaper from amazon, but could I ask for a link? 28 bags from amazon seems exorbitantly more expensive than from Rosa, from what I saw.

Soylent Powder (One Week (35 meals))

$60.99 as opposed to $64 without a subscription from the official site.


My problem with using Amazon for Soylent is that there are so many factors that change regularly, making it an unreliable source. I checked it a few times over the course of a week or so before committing to a subscription directly through Soylent, and I saw prices vary greatly and availability of product fluctuate as well.

If no one else is having a problem with these issues, that’s great, but dealing directly with Soylent has been one flawless transaction after another.

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With just about anything I prefer to get it directly from the manufacturer. Sometimes you get a better deal.

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That’s the same link I found earlier. The order for one week’s worth might be cheaper, but that’s not remotely true for the month’s supply.

I’m ordering 2.0. With subscribe and save from Amazon (15% off since I order 5 or more items), that’s $28.90 per box of 12. Direct from Soylent, it’s $34 as a one-off, and $32.30 for a subscription. So from Amazon, I get the reliable logistics, and a few dollars cheaper.

Powder may be a different story, I haven’t ordered powder in a long time.