Shipping Questions


I would have sworn I had seen the answers to these somewhere, so if anyone knows and has a credible source feel free to answer.

  1. When should we expect extras to be shipping (T-Shirt, Pitcher, etc)? With our Soylent? A week early? Around the same time as a separate shipment? Delayed for some reason?

  2. How will orders be given priority? You’ve previously stated that monthly orders will get priority over weekly, but haven’t really gone into detail beyond that. Those that ordered at least a month will be a big group, how will you order them? Will it be by date first pledged? Backer-it completion date? Some other slightly random method for fairness to everyone who ordered a monthly supply before the cutoff?

I don’t think it would be bad to have a unified shipping question topic as we are approaching the actual ship date. If you have any shipping questions lets try to keep them contained in this topic for the community to search for answers or @JulioMiles and @rob to answer if none is found.